Show & Tell: ‘Leave It to Lamas’ To Become the Next Guilty Pleasure?

'Leave It to Lamas' (E!)

E! may have officially staked its claim as the guiltiest pleasure palace on TV with its latest reality show, ‘Leave It to Lamas

If you’re wondering why we even need another celebrity reality show, the show’s producer tells us why we should watch the Lamas’.

“This is a perfect family for reality TV,” says Mike Fleiss, who worked with Shayne during her time on ‘The Bachelor‘ (which she won in 2008). “They are fun, funny and damn, are they good looking!”

Well, that’s half of what it takes to get on TV. Being part of an acting dynasty doesn’t hurt either.

This is the family of Lorenzo Lamas after all, the son of Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl. The show’s actually focused on Lamas’ actress daughter Shayne and also features her “meddling mother” Michele Smith (now one of Lorenzo’s four exes) and “trouble-causing” siblings A. J. and Dakota.

But the TV ‘Renegade‘s real life is more soap operatic than anything from his days on ‘Falcon Crest.’

This wacky bunch likes to keep the Lamas drama all in the family. Literally.

Take the bombshell that Lorenzo’s former Playboy wife Shauna Sand cheated on him during their marriage with his 18-year-old son A.J.

Lorenzo, blindsided by the affair, filed for divorce in 2002 and hadn’t spoken to his son in years–until they all agreed to do the reality show.

It’s evident the betrayal still stings Lamas, but the affair is addressed on the show (and you can expect an unwelcome cameo by Sand along the way), but Shayne’s mom Michelle seems to offer an equal amount of antics–like getting caught topless by her kids and tipping into the freezer claiming, “I’m hot! It’s the menopause thing.”

I spoke with Lorenzo and Shayne Lamas on Friday as they were out promoting Sunday night’s debut of ‘Leave It to Lamas,’ and the first thing I noticed is how close this father and daughter are. So close, they can’t stop interrupting each other–which comes across as adorable, rather than annoying.

Tracy Phillips: I guess it goes without saying that ‘Leave It to Lamas’ is nothing like ‘Leave It to Beaver.’

Lorenzo Lamas: “Ha, no…we’re in color. [laughs] And there’s no script. We’re just doing the show as things happen.”

Lorenzo, you’re the patriarch now of this Hollywood dynasty, but it looks like Shayne’s running the show. How’s that dynamic work?

Lorenzo: “It is her show, I’m just in there. But I’m really excited about giving her a chance to show folks out there what a loving, kooky maniac she is.”

TP: You guys seem like a pretty dysfunctional bunch, even by Hollywood standards.

Lorenzo: “I think our family is pretty normal compared to everyone else out here…I mean, yeah, my parents are famous, and I’m in the business, but we’re really kind of a normal family.”

TP: Describe normal.

Lorenzo: “Well, normal dysfunctional normal…”

Shayne Lamas: [laughing] “My dad’s had way too many cups of coffee–he’s losing it!”

Lorenzo: “Okay, we are a dysfunctional family, but I think a lot of people can relate. That’s….”

Shayne: “Yes, relatable, we’re very relatable. I think the only thing people wont be able relate to is they don’t live in Hollywood or they didn’t grow up in a Hollywood family.”

TP: How does the Lamas clan rank compared with other Hollywood families we’ve gotten to know through the reality TV medium? (Can they ‘keep up’ with the Kardashians? Are they as ‘Complicated’ as Denise Richards or Living (loco) Lohan? What about reality TV royalty, ‘The Osbournes?’)

Lorenzo: “We’re No. 1, sorry. We are the Hollywood family. There is no other Hollywood family on television. We’re it.”


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TP: Lorenzo, you’ve been married and divorced four times. Would you ever marry again?

Lorenzo: “You know…[hesitant, with a sly grin]…maybe. But my mom…she was married six times, okay?

TP: Are you trying to beat her record?

Lorenzo: “Well, it’s her record. But her last husband, Mark, my stepfather–they’ve been married 25 years. You know…”

Shayne: “I love my grandmother, she always says, I had to go through the whole astrology book to date…”

Lorenzo: “She had to date all the signs of the zodiac…”

Shayne: “…to finally find the one she can work with.”

Lorenzo: “And I’ll tell you what, next time I’m getting a pre-nup.”

TP: Considering the family’s matrimonial track record, was anyone worried about throwing another Lamas wedding when Shayne won ‘The Bachelor’?

Lorenzo: “I was excited. I met Matt [Grant] on the hometown date episode, and I liked him. They were very fond of each other, and it looked like it could possibly grow into a real love…after camera stops rolling. He was a businessman, which I thought was cool, because it’s difficult when both of you are in show business–you both fight over the mirror.”

Shayne: “Yeah, he wasn’t in show business…but he just did ‘The Bachelor.’

Shayne offers more dish on her ‘Bachelor’ break-up in a Fancast exclusive interview.

TP: Shayne, you’ve taken it upon yourself to try and reunite your father and brother A.J., who’ve been estranged ever since the affair. How’s it going?

Shayne: “It’s going.”

Lorenzo: “We’re talking. I’m finally talking to him. It’s going better than it was…”

Shayne: “You’ll have to watch.”

TP: Can you fix your family on a TV show?

Lorenzo: “I don’t think the show is long enough for that. [laughing] To see the whole repair thing? But you know, it was a start. When we first started it, A.J. and I hadn’t spoken to each other in a couple of years.”

Shayne: “The final episode was a big prayer answered, something happens in the last episode that I’ve been praying for for a very, very long time.”

Lorenzo: “A pair of Manolo Blahniks.”

‘Leave It to Lamas’ premieres Sunday, October 11th at 11 p.m. on E!

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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