Donny Osmond Kisses And Tells

Donny Osmond gave his fans an unforgettable performance on Monday night’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ when he kissed judge Bruno Tonioloi – and now he’s kissing and telling.

“That was just for the rumba,” Osmond told “When I walked out at the beginning of Tuesday’s show, he waved his hand at me and I waved right back.”

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What exactly was going on in the star’s head when he bent down for a kiss? “When he said “airy fairy arms” …and he said, “Go to the dark side,” something snapped in me and it was just a funny moment,” he explained. “The dip and the kiss! Somebody told me I was trying to be a leading man and now I’m going both ways!”

Thankfully, his wife actually got the joke. “I was like, “Did I take that too far?” When my wife called me and my kids started laughing, she said it was the funniest thing she’d ever seen,” he added. “So I said “OK, I’m safe.” It’s why television is the greatest.”

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