The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – Nice Guys Finish First, Then Last

The Amazing Race 15 (CBS)

The Amazing Race 15 (CBS)

Hello Everyone!

In last night’s Episode #3 of The Amazing Race, we saw one team take the BIGGEST FALL in the history of series: literally feeling the adrenaline rush of a First Place victory only to be ELIMINATED from the game just hours later. Let’s get started with today’s BLOG!


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The show began with teams departing from the Pitstop in Vietnam, en route to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time & Big East, being the first team to arrive at the Pitstop in the previous episode, were the first to depart, followed closely by dating couple Meghan & Cheyne.

After arriving at the airport, the Globetrotters discovered that the earliest flight to Phnom Penh, Cambodia departed at 12:25pm the NEXT day. With no other choice, the basketball duo booked seats on that flight. One by one, the remaining teams arrived at the airport to get the same news and book the same flight. However, best friends Zev & Justin and engaged couple Lance & Keri shared a “fright” as initially they were denied tickets for the 12:25pm flight [as the flight was deemed full.] However, the next day, both of these teams ended up on the 12:25pm flight, thanks to the stand-by list.

Upon arrival in Cambodia, the first clue of the day instructed teams to travel by taxi to the Foreign Correspondent’s Club [FCC], where they would need to find the assignment editor, and then “whisper” to him to ask for the next assignment, thus receiving their next clue.

Best friends Zev & Justin bolted out of the airport and were the first team to score a taxi. They bonded quickly with their cab driver, which was a great thing to see. How many times in past seasons have you watched teams bark at, degrade, or be rude toward their cab driver? Zev & Justin told Terry that they wanted him to be their driver for the entire leg, which Terry agreed to do.


Zev & Justin were the first team to arrive at the FCC, followed closely by Meghan & Cheyne and brothers Sam & Dan. Dan soon found the assignment editor, asked for his next assignment, and received the next clue —- which was a photograph of a lady riding in a parade. The clue said to find this same photograph hanging in a hotel that has an area named after the lady in the parade.

It was up to the teams to discern that the “lady in the photo” was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. The photo was taken during her visit to Cambodia in the 1960’s.

Watching the teams examining the photo was one of the funnier moments in the episode. Canaan surmised that the lady in the parade was Queen Elizabeth. Mika thought that the lady was someone famous of
“Cambodian descent.” And Flight Time decided that the lady was the “Queen of Cambodia.” The only two racers to get it right were Zev and Gary —– recognizing that it was Jackie Onassis!

When the teams showed the photo to their taxi drivers, most of the drivers knew right away to take them to the Hotel Le Royal (where this photo hangs).

Zev & Justin once again were the first team to arrive at a destination, walking into the Hotel where they found the photo of Jackie O hanging and received their choice for this episode’s DETOUR.


The Detour choice was COVER or WRAP. In COVER, teams would need to choose 4 motorcycle helmets, take them out into the village, and sell them to a family of four [2 adults & 2 children] for $10. In WRAP, teams would need to head to the Marketplace, find stalls #980 and #981 where a shopkeeper would hand them a scarf. Teams would then need to search the maze-like marketplace to find a woman wearing the EXACT same color scarf.

Zev & Justin decided to do WRAP so they jumped back in their taxi to head to the marketplace. Once again, they were highly complementary to their taxi driver Terry. Their kindness was reciprocated because when they reached the marketplace, Terry actually helped Zev & Justin find stalls #980 and #981, where they received a PURPLE scarf. They immediately began to search the market corridors for a woman wearing a purple scarf and, all things considered, found her fairly quickly —- finishing the Detour task and receiving their next clue —- instructing them to head to Wat Tuol Tom Pong.

As the other teams arrived at the Hotel, they too selected the WRAP Detour choice. Except for one team: Lance & Keri —- who chose COVER. The couple grabbed the 4 helmets and hit the streets to try to sell them, which proved to not be the easiest of tasks. Eventually, they did find a family of 4 who paid them the requisite $10 to complete the task.

Lance & Keri were now in 7th place, ahead of newly dating couple Mike & Canaan and poker girls Tiffany & Maria.


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Zev & Justin AGAIN arrived at the next destination in FIRST place. At Wat Tuol Pong, they were confronted with a ROADBLOCK. In this week’s Roadblock, one team member would need to don a monkey mask and
tail……and complete 3 “monkey maneuvers.” These “monkey maneuvers” would first be demonstrated by a “monkey master.” To give a little backstory to this task, host Phil Keoghan explained that in Cambodia monkeys are considered regal and that the royal family actually hires dancers who pretend to be monkeys, down to their every mannerism.

When Zev put on his monkey mask and tail, Justin was ELATED! Justin mentioned, “Everybody that knows Zev would like to see him wear a tail and a mask pretty much at all time.” Zev learned and completed the
first two “monkey maneuvers” with ease. The third move, however, proved to be very difficult for Zev. This move involved a lot of crouching which was very uncomfortable for Zev’s body.

Zev’s struggles with the third monkey move gave Sam & Dan a chance to catch up with them. Dan also completed the first 2 monkey moves with ease, as Zev literally COLLAPSED with fatigue and began to have a
panic attack Justin remained calm and supportive of Zev, doing his best to help Zev’s morale.

Finally, Zev was able to complete the third move, thus receiving the final clue, instructing them to travel to the PITSTOP at the famous Buddhist shrine Wat Phnom. Neck in neck with Zev, Dan completed his third monkey move as well.

Zev & Justin returned to their taxi and were off to the shrine, where they stepped onto Phil’s Mat in FIRST PLACE!


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Phil excitedly informed Zev & Justin that they were the FIRST team to arrive! Soonafter, Sam & Dan checked in at SECOND place, followed by Flight Time & Big Easy in THIRD. As they prepared to head into the Pitstop to rest, Zev & Justin made a startling discover……Zev’s PASSPORT was missing!

Zev & Justin returned to Phil’s Mat to discuss with him what they should do. Phil delivered the news that although they had checked into the Pitstop in First Place, they MUST have their Passports or he will have to eliminate them. Zev & Justin searched through their backpacks to no avail, and then called their cab driver Terry to return to take them back to some of the Leg’s main destinations to search for the lost passport.

This moment was just terrible to watch. It was wonderful to see such a well-deserving team take the First Place victory, only to find out minutes later that their very survival in the game was at stake.

Zev & Justin searched the Roadblock site to no avail, soon returning to their taxi hoping to search the other locations they stopped at.

One by one, each team checked into the Pitstop………as Zev & Justin continued to scour Phnom Penh, Cambodia for the missing passport.


Tiffany & Maria stepped up to Phil’s Mat to learn they had arrived in Last Place. Phil then informed them that were STILL in the game, since another team had lost their travel documents. The SHOCKED girls were once again SPARED from elimination as they joked that they “wish they had this much luck with poker!”


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With sorrow in their eyes, Zev & Justin returned to Phil’s Mat to inform him that they had NOT been able to find Zev’s lost passport. Subsequently, Phil read the “last rites” to the best friends and officially eliminated them from the game.

This ending was just a tear-jerker, the first truly emotional moment of the season. Zev remarked, “This was my dream to be on the race, and it’s proven to me that I am capable of changing. I don’t have to do a daily routine day by day. I can go out and do different things and succeed at them.” Justin closed, “What we’ve gone through was as special as any experience I’ve ever had in my life. I wish it had gone on longer. I think everything I hoped for him going into this has happened, and I think we’re going to be better friends because of it.”

Remember to talk to them today during their live chat here on Fancast!


1. Zev & Justin [ELIMINATED]
2. Sam & Dan
3. Flight Time & Big Easy
4. Brian & Ericka
5. Gary & Matt
6. Meghan & Cheyne
7. Lance & Keri
8. Mika & Canaan


Zev & Justin ran an absolutely incredible leg in Cambodia. Although they began the leg in dead last place, they soon propelled ahead of the other teams due to: (1) Their near seamless team-work and (2) Their kindness when dealing with the locals in Cambodia, namely their taxi driver Terry.

Although this season of Amazing Race has its share of “likable teams,” Zev & Justin were shining even amongst diamonds. This team had true HEART and a bond unlike any duo we have seen in the game in some time. As we look ahead to the remaining episodes with anticipation, we know deep down inside that the absence of these friends has created a vacancy in the season which will be difficult, if not impossible, to

Zev & Justin: We salute your superior performance in the game and thank you for memories which will remain iconic in the long-term history of the series.


*Zev & Justin are now the second team to be eliminated from the Amazing Race because of a passport-loss, right next to mother/son Toni & Dallas from Season 13. Their elimination could be considered the BIGGEST FALL IN THE HISTORY OF THE AMAZING RACE. Never has a team checked into the Mat in a decisive FIRST PLACE, only to be ELIMINATED from the game just hours later.

*Brian & Ericka dubbed themselves “Team Jungle Fever” in this episode, a reference to their inter-racial relationship.

*Sam & Dan reasserted themselves in this episode. When they are working in unison, they are nearly unbeatable.

*Gary & Matt are remaining steady. During the episode, Gary mentioned that his son’s crazy hair colors have driven him up the wall over the years, but that he’s beginning to appreciate his son’s carefree creativity.

*The poker girls Tiffany & Maria really struggled in this episode. These gals are used to stress and tension in their card-playing careers so we would not be surprised to see them whip out an “ace” next episode and take the other teams off guard.

*Zev & Justin eliminated —– we’re still unhappy……….


We will be back here with you NEXT MONDAY with our review of Amazing Race Episode #4!

See you RIGHT HERE on next time —– DON’T MISS IT!!!

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Kynt and Vyxsin

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