Karina Smirnoff: “I Didn’t Think It Was Appropriate To Be Raunchy”

Hot stuff.  (ABC)

Hot stuff. (ABC)

Hi everyone,

I have read a bunch of your comments and yes, last night was tough. But I’m good – considering. I’m not crying about it. Last night was very upsetting and I don’t think it was fair to Aaron. I think the scores were harsh and I was upset when Carrie Ann said it was painful to watch and it turned people off. Afterward, Aaron turned to me and asked, “What did I do wrong? What do I need to do different?”

I said, “Honestly, nothing.”

Last week we knew we didn’t do our best. We knew we could have done a better rhumba than we did on the live show. That’s why we were upset. This week Aaron did an amazing job and he knew he nailed every step. And then to get that kind of criticism was really upsetting. We nailed it. I didn’t get it.

At the end of the day, if we’re going to get voted off I’d rather get voted off knowing we tried our hardest. Can you try too hard? I don’t think so.

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I’ve been teaching for 15 years. I’ve always been told, if you have a criticism, start with something positive. As opposed to you just sucked, deal with it.

We had a fun dance, a fun upbeat song. I didn’t think it was appropriate to get raunchy. I thought it was appropriate to be sexy without raunchy. Apparently we were the only ones who thought so.

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Afterward, Aaron wasn’t upset. He was confused. I think he did an amazing job.

I think others agreed. The amount of support we have gotten in the last 24 hours is amazing. The ladies on the View, for instance, were completely on our side, and on Aaron’s side. They saw he performed an amazing Lambada. I want to say thank you to Joy, Whoopi, Sherri and everyone who was on our side.

I don’t think people agreed with the judges. If we make it through, we have Argentine tango come up. Get ready for sexy.

I’m laughing now. Because it’s so ironic. With all the rumors that Aaron and I are dating, and yet the judges say we’re not sexy on the floor. Are we or aren’t we? After the show last night, the interviewers were asking why we weren’t raunchy and sexy enough. Then they said what about rumors that you’re dating. I laughed and was like don’t you think we’d be a lot more sexy if we were dating?

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At the end of the day, it’s a show – Aaron is having a blast, I love my job and hopefully the viewers will keep us in the competition. Next week we’re doing the Argentinian Tango. That’s one of my favorite dances of all time. It’s sexy, passionate, fun. Aaron will be able to get into it. Maybe we’ll bring raunchy back.

I read that some people are thinking this season of the show isn’t as good as others. I don’t think you can make the judgment of whether one season is better than another. It all depends who your favorite celebrities are. It depends who the people watching the show like. The dancing is always good, I think. You always get some people who are fun to watch and some people who are amazing. Like Mya. All of us thought she’d be good.

Someone asked me who my three dream partners would be. Hmmmm. OK: John Stamos (I think he’s gorgeous, he has personality and he has done a little bit of Broadway, so I think he would have that performer in him); Keanu Reeves (I don’t know if he can dance, but I think he’d be fun to partner with); and Tom Hanks (he’s one of my favorite actors, and I think he’d be great, though I wonder if I would be intimidated).

I worked on the movie ‘Shall We Dance’, and I got to teach Richard Gere is tango part. It took me a couple hours to calm down. Then I just asked him tons of questions – who is your favorite actor, actress…he was such a class act. He was even more beautiful inside than out.

I’m laughing at the rumors. The reporters know it’s not true. They’re just asking because someone else is putting rumor out. Remember, you can always call us yourself.

To talk to us directly:

Here’s my number: 408 394 3936

Here’s Aaron’s number: 310 746 8383

My social life is really much less exciting. I invited Aaron to go out to dinner last night. But he went back. He’s the oldest 21 year old I know. I went to the club where a bunch of us usually go on Mondays. Derek was there. Chuck was there. Cheryl was there. Then I left and the paparazzi were outside asking who is your new man? I said, “I don’t know. You tell me.”

Oh, one more thing. Aaron and I are presenting tonight at the Reality TV Awards show. We’re the only dancers who are going to be there and I think I’m actually nominated.

I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

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