The Big Tease: Scoop on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘Criminal Minds,’ ‘Supernatural’ and More!



Curious about what’s coming up on your favorite show? Got questions about the new TV season? Tuesday is now tease-day at Fancast, and is the address to use/abuse. Here now the scoop!

Callie/Arizona fans are counting on you to give us some meaty ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ scoop. Got anything good on the Sapphic surgeons? – Dars
You probably know that Hector Elizondo returns this week as Callie’s father, who is newly determined to set his little girl straight (as it were). What you don’t know is that the resulting scenes serve up quite a showcase for the acting chops of both Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw. Another thing you don’t know is how Arizona got her name – but that will change on Thursday. And no, it has nothing to do with the state.

I would love some scoop on ‘Criminal Minds,’ specifically what’s going on with Hotch. I don’t want him to turn nutty after what happened between him and The Reaper. – Diane
‘Criminal Minds’ showrunner Ed Bernero reminds you, Diane, that “Hotch is, in many ways, the strongest member of the BAU Team. If anyone could handle the trauma that he’s gone through, it’s him.” That said, as the threat against Hotch’s family continues on, Bernero teases, “You’ll have to watch what happens and then ask yourself what the definition of ‘turning nutty’ is.”

I loved, loved, loved Jim and Pam’s ‘Office’ wedding! Moving onto their next joyous event: Aside from the February due date, do you have any scoop on the baby’s arrival? – Lee
Jenna Fischer told me that episode is a ways off from being written, yet she predicts more of the same zaniness displayed at the wedding. “I can’t imagine she’s going to have the baby without the entire office involved. I feel like that is her fate,” says Jenna. “She can’t get married or have a baby without all of these people looming.” Maybe with a tad less barfing though?

I’m super-curious about the ‘SYTYCD’ schedule! Because of Fox’s baseball coverage, are they going to hold off on starting the performance shows until after the break? – Tracy
That appears to be the game plan. This cycle’s audition process ran a bit longer than usual, I’m hearing, so there’s no rush to uncork the performance shows just yet.

Is Mohinder gone from ‘Heroes’? – Michelle
Is anyone ever really gone from ‘Heroes’? Nah, I’d count on seeing Mohinder resurface – and just in time for November sweeps.

I was so happy to hear about ABC’s ‘FlashForward’ getting picked up for a full season! Is there any scoop to come with that news? – Jill
Only that this particular “back nine” pick-up adds up to a first season of more than 22 episodes. A full 25, in fact. Maybe that old guy from the Munich prison knows why that precise number.

Which is it this Thursday on ‘Bones’ – does Brennan date Booth’s boss or his former boss? Fans need to know so we can prepare! – Sarah
Actually, Brennan’s date is with (follow me here) Booth’s boss’ boss, Andrew Hacker (played by Diedrich Bader of ‘The Drew Carey Show’). Are y’all by chance prepared for that?

Wil Wheaton is going to be on ‘The Big Bang Theory’? As who? – James
The ‘Star Trek: TNG’ alum is guesting next week as a nastier version of himself. And as it turns out, this Wil Wheaton has a longstanding rivalry with Sheldon. How did this geektastic casting come to be? Says Kunal Nayyar (Raj), “The writers were discussing, ‘Who would be a good villain for Sheldon?’ just as Wil Wheaton was writing into them, saying how much he loves the show.” String theory should add up so easy.

I am pleading with you to please give us some exciting scoop on ‘Smallville’! – Tyson
If you like the recent hints at a darker Oliver, you’re gonna love the episode titled and featuring “Roulette,” airing October 23. “It’s a great episode for Justin [Hartley],” Cassidy Freeman told me. “Oliver has been on this downward spiral, embracing the darker side of ‘Smallville.'” That emo shift stems from the fact that in the crime-fighting scheme of things, Green Arrow is just a regular guy. “Sometimes it’s hard for fans to think about what Clark is going through, because they don’t have superpowers,” notes Freeman. “But Oliver is just human, and he can speak to them that way.”

Are Shawn and Juliet going to get together this season – or any season, for that matter – on ‘Psych’? – Katy
A good and oft-asked question. Let’s turn this one over to series creator Steve Frank: “Shawn is in the process of becoming worthy of the wonderful Juliet. I’m really hoping he makes it there in time. But it looks like it could take a while.”

You know what I want – some Winchester gossip! – Michelle
Did you catch the promo for the new few episodes of ‘Supernatural’? Of course you did. Well did you by chance see who is playing Old Dean in the episode airing October 29? Why it’s none other than Chad Everett of ‘Medical Center’ fame! On a side note, the writers are about five scripts away from tackling the show’s 100th episode, which is penciled in for an April 15 airdate. Any ideas on how they should mark that milestone?

Any scoop on ‘Lost’ that you can give out? – Tim C.
This isn’t so much “scoop” as a curiosity put to rest. When the New York Daily News reported that Jorge Garcia and Emilie de Ravin were spied doing shots at a New York City bar last Thursday – when they were supposed to be filming ‘Lost’ some 5,000 miles away – I had to scratch my head. A little digging later, I confirmed that the News‘ eyewitness musta been sipping the Jager himself, seeing as neither actor was in the Big Apple at the time. I can only imagine the storyline speculation that took place since that NYC “sighting” ran!

Could you tell me more about ‘White Collar,’ which premieres this month on USA? – Kristi
Best described as ‘Catch Me If You Can’ meets ’48 HRS’ with a dash of ‘Prison Break,’ ‘White Collar’ (premiering October 23) stars Matt Bomer (‘Chuck’) as an elite con man who is collared after a breakout and then coerced into helping G-Man Tim DeKay (‘Carnivale’) nab similarly smooth criminals. All the while, Bomer angles to uncover a conspiracy he got wind of when his girlfriend last visited him at the pen. I like!

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans. Be sure to send your requests for scoop or insight to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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