New on DVD: Drag Me To Hell, Land of the Lost, The Proposal & More

Lots of new movies out on DVD this week, including Sam Raimi’s return to horror with Drag Me To Hell, Will Ferrell’s big-budget comedy adventure Land of the Lost, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynold’s rom-com The Proposal, the dance doc Every Little Step and Alfre Woodard’s drama American Violet. Learn more below.

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Drag Me To Hell
Sam Raimi makes his long-awaited return to horror with a suspenseful and funny story about a meek young banker (Alison Lohman) who picks the wrong day to try to assert herself by denying a loan extension to a witch (Lorna Raver), who proceeds to curse her to hell, leaving her with three days to find a way out of it with the help of her confused boyfriend (Justin Long).

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Land of the Lost
In this comedy take on Sid and Marty Krofft’s classic kids’ series, Will Ferrell is goofy scientist Rick Marshall who, with the help of devotee Holly (Anna Friel) and unwitting doofus Will (Danny McBride), manages to unlock a gateway into a strange parallel dimension where time and space intersect, leading to an adventure with dinosaurs, little monkey men and Sleestaks.

Watch more clips from Land of the Lost.

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The Proposal
Sandra Bullock is a shrew of a boss at a publishing company, and when she’s threatened with deportation back to Canada, she blackmails her long-suffering assistant Ryan Reynolds into marrying her. But the ensuing adventure to meet his family in Alaska takes things in a direction she’d never thought they’d go.

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American Violet
Alfre Woodard, Charles S. Dutton, Xzibit, Will Patton and Tim Blake Nelson star in this film fest favorite about a struggling single mother in Texas (Nicole Beharie) who finds herself imprisoned by a corrupt police force for a crime she didn’t commit, and instead of buckling under and taking a plea, she stands up to fight for truth and justice despite the immense pressure to silence her.

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Every Little Step
If you like Dancing With The Stars, you may enjoy “Dancing With Professionals.” This documentary that details the journey of the Broadway show A Chorus Line from its inception by its original creators to its current revival run. One singluar sensation, indeed.

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