SYTYCD Star Recalls Abuse, Rape

Mary Murphy faced a tough road to become the happy peppy judge she’s known as today. The ‘So You Think You Can Dance‘ star is opening up to US Weekly about the nine years of verbal and physical abuse she endured at the hands of her ex-husband.

According to the magazine, the man — whose name is being withheld from the media– refutes Murphy’s claims stating they’re, “flat-out lies.”

Murphy says that shortly after their marriage, the relationship soon settled into a vicious cycle, “A fight, then rape, then presents: a dress, a diamond bracelet, earrings. In the first year or two, I’d fight back, but eventually, I’d just lie there. Get it over with, I thought. It’ll be quick anyway.”

Finally, she decided to break off the marriage and the violent relationship in 1985 when she learned that her husband, who was from a well to do family in the Middle East, had proposed to another woman during a trip in the Middle East.

“This is what motivated me to leave him,” said Murphy, who then swiftly saved up enough money to leave her husband and drove to San Diego. It was from there she told her then husband that she wanted a divorce.

On the last moment she faced the man Murphy says, “I faced him one more time to sign the papers, and then I never heard from him again.”

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