Commentary: A Wish List Of ’30 Rock’ Guest Stars

When ‘30 Rock’ premiered back in the fall of 2006, it seemed destined to become the next ‘Arrested Development:’ the type of cult series that was simply too beautiful to survive out in the world. Three years and three Emmy wins later, however, and the comedy is not only firmly ensconced as one of the funniest shows on television, but it looks sure to stay on the air as long as Tina Fey wants.

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This is a case of good and gooder for us viewers, of course. The show is still as hilarious as it was back in season one—my laugh per minute ratio sits at a firmly solid 1-to-1 for the average ‘30 Rock’ episode—and it has enough cache to get almost any celebrity guest star under the sun (oh, hey Oprah!). And while some people may have thought the guest star overstuffed third season—heretofore known as the ‘Will & Grace’ season—was bad for the show, for every lame cameo (oh, hey again Oprah!), there was a good one (what’s up Jon Hamm?).

Watch a sneak peek of tonight’s premiere below:

[iframe 580 476]

Tonight’s premiere features the return of Will Arnett in his role as Devon Banks, Jack Donaghy’s nemesis. That’s a good start! But here are five other people I’d love to see guest star in season four.

Amy Poehler
How hasn’t this happened yet? Being friends in real life, it’s obvious Fey and Poehler have great chemistry together—witness not just ‘Baby Mama’ but also their time as co-anchors on Weekend Update—and isn’t it about time Liz Lemon got a friend, too? (Hell, I’d even settle for a frienemy.) Plus, it’s not like Poehler doesn’t need the press for the audience-deficient-but-much-better-than-originally-thought ‘Parks & Recreation.’ This almost makes too much sense to not happen, meaning it probably never will.

Chris Kattan/Cheri Oteri
Something tells me Tracy Morgan won’t be sending Christmas cards to Chris Kattan and Cheri Oteri this year. In his new book, ‘I Am The New Black’ (best title ever), Morgan goes off on his former ‘Saturday Night Live’ co-stars—the direct quote is “f— them”—while questioning their post-‘SNL’ careers. So with that in mind, who wouldn’t want to see the awkwardness between these three play out on television?

Ricky Gervais
Speaking of awkward: I’m of the mindset that there is nothing Ricky Gervais cannot make better. Movies? Check! Podcasts? Check! Awards shows? Check! NBC comedies? Check! ‘30 Rock’ is great, but think of how much better it could be with a comic genius like Gervais on board. And since it would be too weird to see him on the American version of ‘The Office,’ an episode of ‘30 Rock’ will have to suffice.

Barack Obama
Fey was able to score Oprah, but I won’t be really impressed until she can get the president. And, really, how hard would he be to get anyway? The guy’s on television all the time!

Three More Inches

As an admitted newbie watcher of ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ I’ve found myself frustrated by the lack of Jason Segal during season five, which is why Monday’s episode was such perfection. Segal’s Marshall was a tour-de-force of laughs, parody songs and Gouda cheese. Hey ‘HIMYM’ writers: Can we have more Marshall and less Ted?

Fred Armisen is really funny, but his Barack Obama impression is not an impression. At this point, it would make more sense for him to put on the costume and just speak in his normal voice. Think Chevy Chase-as-Gerald Ford.

And finally… TLC might run out of ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ footage next month. Thank heavens. Now go away Jon and Kate, and never return.

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