Eastwick: Ignore The Mousy Sidekick At Your Peril

Eastwick (ABC)

Eastwick (ABC)

This episode of Eastwick was decidedly too light on Daryl. Minus the man, these women are a little dull.

The Man Upstairs

Roxie discusses her weird visions of hot writer Jamie with Daryl. He suggests researching him. You would think she would have figured that out on her own. She sneaks into Jamie’s upstairs apartment and finds a scrapbook with the symbol on Jamie’s hip from her visions on the cover. In a prior episode, the guy branded himself with the symbol. Jamie tells Roxie that the scrapabook belonged to his biological mother. He was raised in foster care. He came to Eastwick because he discovered he was born here. She talks to the other women about it. Kat saw Bun drawing the symbol in her journal at the hospital. Joanna saw it on Eleanor’s door. Roxie has tea with the recovered but now amnesiac Bun. Bun freaks out when she sees Jamie’s scrapbook saying it’s hers. She’s Jamie’s Mom! Roxie brings him a casserole and questions him about his mother. When Bun sees Jamie she remembers that she held him when he was a baby. Okay, this is a cool revelation. Why did Bun give him up? Is it because Daryl is his father? How did he end up in England? This is almost enough reason to tune in next week.

Ex Marks The Spot

Joanna’s ex-fiancee Morgan comes back to town. Intriguingly, he appears to be Eurasian like her. Was Joanna dating a male version of herself? Was her cultural background more important to her before she moves to Eastwick? These questions go unanswered. Perhaps it was just a casting quirk. Morgan left her at the altar two years ago in Boston, resulting in Joanna moving to Eastwick to get away from him. He has a new fiance, Charlene, a Southern Belle. He plans to get married in Eastwick. Fortunately Joanna still has adorkable Will who is looking forward to their date. Morgan tells Joanna he is still in love with her. He regrets leaving her. “Why did you have to come back the minute I got over you?” They end up having sex. She uses her powers and asks her why he left her. I don’t understand why she did not do this the moment he showed up. He babbles that he knew he was settling, she was not that hot, one of her boobs is smaller than the other, and she’s boring. She realizes she stood Will up for a jerk. She lies to Will that she called him to cancel. She uses her powers to make him believe her and invites him to dinner at her place. Morgan shows up at the newspaper to tell Joanna he broke up with Charlene. She tells him it was a big mistake and calls him out on his fear of commitment and his overall jerkiness. Will overhears and cancels dinner — forever. This would be a huge problem if Joanna didn’t have a magic power that would fix it. In fact, I am no so secretly envious of Joanna. I don’t have a desire to control heat and plants or have psychic visions. But I would love to manipulate men into doing my bidding. If I were Joanna, I’d have a very exciting love life right now.

A Pox on his House

Kat and Raymond have another huge argument. He threatens to take the kids and run. The women decide to use a spell from the book to give Raymond a pox. He gets a gross rash on his neck. This is the first time the women have deliberately used their “power of three” together. I hope that next time they’ll move beyond skin disease. Daryl persuades her to call Kat divorce lawyer friend Ivanka. She is a total shark who persuades Kat to claim Raymond is a violent alcoholic. He sort of is, so this see,s reasonable to me. Kat feels terrible when her daughter asks why she hates her Daddy. Kat fires Ivanka and attempts to work out a civil divorce settlement with him where they take turns living in their house with their kids. She will bunk with Joanna. This story is dragging on forever. It’s dull and doesn’t fit with the fun tone of the show. If she’s going to get divorced, have her do it and move on.

The Surprise Twist That Makes This Episode Worthwhile

Penny keeps nagging Joanna that she should be investigating a lead on Daryl instead of wasting time on Morgan. At the end of the episode, Penny shows up at Jamie’s apartment. He is feeding her information about Daryl — and they are lovers. Oh.My.God. I did not see that coming. In retrospect it’s obvious, but Penny’s spinster act, Sarah Rue’s reputation for playing the chubby girl who can’t get a date, and Jamie’s lack of interaction with anyone other than Roxie threw me. Kudos, show. I cannot wait to see where this is going. Maybe Penny and Jamie are the true “big bads” — or the true heroes if Daryl is indeed evil.


You had a Vera Chang? – Penny

I couldn’t afford Vera Wang – Joanna, on her wedding dress

If that’s code for have sex with me, you bull. the answer’s yes. – Daryl

Teeny, tiny testes. We’re talking smurf sized. – Joanna, on Morgan’s manhood

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