Flash Forward: “We’re Responsible For The Single Greatest Disaster In Human History.”

FlashForward (ABC)

FlashForward (ABC)

Yes, everyone is looking at the world through black(out)-colored glasses nowadays. Some are avoiding the future like the plague, while others are embracing it. Oh, and there’s the one guy who is now claiming responsibility for the whole big blackout brouhaha, of course. No word yet on whether Pippin, Sam and Frodo are also involved.

Old Business

Demetri continues to alternately space out and wig out about his supposed non-future. He spends most of the episode giving Mark attitude about wanting to chase down wild, half-assed leads on the other side of the globe when there’s real policework to do right in their own backyard, and time’s a wastin’. After getting a tip from the hot blonde terrorist Alda, he and Mark go check out some greasy burger joint. The fry cook, upon learning that they’re Feds, flees the scene, and a trailer park chase sequence, complete with pit bull and pimp bling, ensues. However, their suspect was merely packing weed, because in his vision, this loser pictured himself the “Scarface of pot.” Demetri smacks the Al Pacino wannabe around a bit. Demetri smacks Mark around a bit, too. Mark smacks back. Demetri finally tells Mark about the mysterious phone call from the anonymous lady agent. “We can solve your murder before it happens,” Mark assures him. They’re cool again.

Olivia is moving heaven and earth – or at least shuffling a lot of interdepartmental paperwork – to avoid Lloyd. She transfers his son Dylan to another department, but the poor kid gets bounced back like a ping pong ball because of something to do with a white cell count and antibiotics. Olivia starts getting really pissy with Bryce about all the faith he’s putting in those New Age, new fangled mystic visions of the future. She practices medicine (and monogamy), damn it! Then Bryce helps save a patient’s life based on a strange symptom revealed from the patient’s own flash forward. Olivia has to rethink her skepticism. It might also be a good time to slowly warm to the idea of seeing Lloyd naked.

New Visions

Hot Benford family nanny Nicole confesses that she envisioned herself being drowned by some dude – and she has a sneaking suspicion she deserves to be water-logged. On a probably unrelated note, as Nicole reported back to work in her teensy miniskirt, I still can’t quite figure out why Olivia was so anxious for her to do so.

Elsewhere, Lloyd reveals to Bryce that his vision involved finding himself shirtless, in some woman’s house. (Yes, it’s Olivia’s house.) He turns his head right as she’s calling him “Honey” from the staircase….so we don’t know if he actually sees her. Then again, it’s kinda hard to trust him after the big twist-eroo at episode’s end.

New Players

We get to know the mysterious blonde terrorist lady – or “Bin Laden in Prada,” as Demetri’s Zoe so artfully describes her – a bit better in this episode. Her name is Alda Hertzog (as played by ex-model Rachel Roberts), and Alda has watched ‘Silence of the Lambs’ one too many times, if her cryptic mystic schtick is any indication. She doesn’t reference Marcus Aurelius exactly, but man, she can spin a mean parable about things like candles and black swans – when she’s not otherwise taunting Mark for being in over his head. You know – classic Hannibal stuff.

And we spend a little more time with FBI agent Al (Lee Thompson Young) – who is awfully keen on looking up someone named Celia.

New Twists (And Big Spoilers, If You Haven’t Yet Watched….)

The Hobbit did it! Well, he claims to have done it. “We’re responsible for the single greatest disaster in human history,” says Simon (Dominic Monaghan) in a phone conversation he initiates with a very reluctant Lloyd at episode’s end.

Lloyd, Lloyd, Lloyd. That whole fumbling-and-charmingly-disheveled-in-a-Hugh-Grant-sort-of-way thing was almost working. On the other hand, an absentee dad who admits to not having been around much for his autistic son’s life also raises a red flag or two, and that’s before we even witness him speaking with a gloating Hobbit.

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