Glenn Beck Tears Up, Longs For “Simpler Times”

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

While longing for a “simpler time” in America, Glenn Beck began to tear up on Fox News yesterday.

After playing classic commercials for Coke and Kodak that exemplified these “simpler times,” Beck got choked up, solemnly lamenting how America is no longer unified.

He went on to say we’ve all “been at a party we weren’t supposed to be at,” making a tenuous connection between the general political climate of the U.S. and a high school gathering “you once left smelling like pot,” with a “friend who spilled beer all over you.”

After a tearful dramatic pause Beck declared, “It is going to stink when we have to stay home on a Saturday night because we’re financially grounded.”

This breakdown comes during a week where President Obama’s aide accused Fox News of operating as the “arm” of the GOP.

Watch the video below:

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