Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Sultry Sirens, Sexless Skinheads, and Fillion Playing Castle Playing Captain Mal

Grace Park and Tricia Helfer. (SyFy)

Grace Park and Tricia Helfer. (SyFy)

Sci fi is supposed to be the equal opportunity genre, in which its fictional female occupants are too busy fighting aliens, or time warps, or clones, or zombies, to take time out to do the come hither thing on a bearskin rug, but back on terra firma, skin still sells – especially if it’s formed into breasts and barely stuffed inside a bikini.  This week we’re reminded that the best way to pull new genre viewers is with old tricks.

Plus Fringe’s Observer dishes up some TMI (and OMG); Dollhouse isn’t D.O.A., and a va-va-voom-y Vulcan returns to the small screen.

Strippin’ For Stargate and Pimpin’ For The Plan

Stargate Universe pulls out the big guns (or gams, to be specific) on the cover of Steppin’ Out magazine, and Sci Fi Wire has the photogenic proof – namely, Alaina Huffman and Elyse Levesque donning some skin-tight silver skivvies to pimp the show.  This comes fresh on the stiletto-clad heels of Six and Boomer (Tricia Helfer and Grace Park) being showcased on Maxim’s November cover to promote BSG movie The Plan.

So where are all the big flesh-friendly “Boys of Sci Fi” spreads?  Huh?  Robert Carlyle could go full monty in space.  John Noble’s Crazy Walter doesn’t seem like he’d have a problem with a thong, or better yet, some artfully placed whipped cream.  Joseph Fiennes can flash us a little somethin’ more than a mystic vision of the future.  Oh yeah.

No?  Oh, right…..sci fi might be set in space, or alternate realities, but it has to be promoted here on earth, where we’re still coming around to that whole gender equality concept.  Slowly.

Now….on to the topic of more bodacious babes…..

‘Seeker’ Secures Sci Fi Sirens

Sci Fi Wire reveals that Star Trek’s Vulcan vixen Jolene Blalock is joining the cast of Legend of the Seeker in a recurring role as a Sister of the Dark who’s out to bitch-slap Confessor cutie Kahlan (Bridget Regan).  Charisma Carpenter (Angel) is also slated to appear in the season two premiere on Nov. 7.

Dollhouse Defies Dismal Destiny – For Now

As reported previously, despite the low ratings, Dollhouse continues to cheat death (at least the premature, season-halting kind) and will proceed to show the full run of season two, according to Fox.  DVR viewing stats have helped provide a gentle nudge up and over the widely touted dismal digits that real-time viewing has yielded so far.

Now, if Summer Glau can summon up some Terminator tough love and drag viewers back by their hair once she joins the cast, Whedon’s posse of pretty playthings might live to endure a third season of mind-wiping melodrama.

Hell, stranger things (like season two) have happened.

Cryptic Cueball

This week, Sci Fi Wire got up close and personal with Fringe’s infamous Observer.  Up close and personal enough to learn that The Observer might not have genitals.  Some other topics came up, too.

Actor Michael Cerveris (who plays the bald boogeyman) has a lot to say about what to expect from our favorite cryptic cueball in upcoming episodes. What the Observer does have: a code of conduct, lots of  colleagues, more dialogue this season, and a fancy-schmancy tailor.  What he might not have:  boy bits.  “That’s assuming that the observers are male in the first place or even have a sexual orientation,” Cerveris helpfully expands.

And while The Observer has been known to pop up at sporting events or the odd and occasional taping of American Idol, he draws the line – at least above the budget of your average sci fi fan.  “I don’t do parties,” Cerveris insists.

Brown Becomes Him

Nathan Fillion’s Castle character has a Mal-velous costume idea as he celebrates Halloween in his fictional universe – check out the picture at which has Firefly fans aflutter.  Plus,as noted at I09, Fillion’s reportedly next hoping to take a page from William Katt’s book – and a cape from his closet – as the Greatest American Hero.

True Blood Tip-Offs

Alan Ball is bursting with True Blood season three spoilers over at TV Guide.   Well, one spoiler, anyway.  Er…it’s spoiler-ish.  Ball promises, “Someone is going to bite the dust, and it’s going to be really good to see them get what they deserve.”  He adds, “It’s a person we’ll be happy to see go.”

Someone dying in a blood-soaked series about vampires?  That is news!

(OK, not really.)

If FlashForward Had A Vision of Its Own Future, It Wouldn’t Be The Demetri Noh Kind

FlashForward will at the very least have an opportunity to flash forward to the end of season one, per The Live Feed.   The show’s promising performance thus far has prompted ABC to not only allow the show its full run, but inspired them to extend it by a few episodes.

Allowing a show a full run is no longer a fait accompli.  It’s entirely possible for a show to prematurely OD on viewer ennui, a la The Beautiful Life, or find itself gunned down before even airing – a bizarre phenomenon that the creators of cop drama Southland can attest to.

Incidentally, FlashForward isn’t content to merely kick butt and take names on its home turf – it’s faring well overseas; most recently coming out tops in Spain, according to Variety.


FlashForward’s Olivia Isn’t Sure If She’s Still Lost

Sonya Walger talks to TV Guide about fate, flash forwards, and whether she’s going to get Lost again prior to that show’s series finale.  (No, even she doesn’t know if she’s be back on the island, or airplane, or wherever, any time soon….)

But back to the FlashForward future:  exactly how skilled is her bedside manner going to get with regards to Lloyd, the hot British dad of her young patient?  She teases, “Every time she thinks she’s seen the last of Lloyd and that she’s managed to avoid it, he keeps coming back.”

Like a bad penny.  A hot naked one with a cute British accent.  Gosh, some girls hog all the “bad” luck.  (Sorry, but with Sonya finding herself sandwiched between Joseph Fiennes and Jack Davenport, it’s hard to feel too badly for her.)

Six Plus Two And A Half Equals….Hilarity?

On Two and A Half Men, Battlestar’s former sexy cylon Six (Tricia Helfer) will be playing a heartbroken lady pal of Charlie Sheen’s fiancee Chelsea, reveals TV Guide.  Chelsea suggests that Helfer’s character nurse her broken heart at Chez Sheen.

This suggestion doesn’t sound as disastrous as it might otherwise seem for a mere mortal dame.  Six can survive nuclear fallout – Charlie Sheen oughta be a walk in the park…so long as he doesn’t still have those hookers on speed dial.

Beware of Blabbering Big-Mouthed Bus Stops

If you’re spoiler-adverse, you can attempt to avoid the usual traps – like the internet – but who’d think that bus stops would also prove hazardous?  A warning about just that comes courtesy of IO9, highlighting the recent spoiler graffiti that adorns promotional V posters.

(OK, the gabby graffiti is only spoiler-y if you’re one of the dozen or so people who remain wholly in the dark about the premise poised by V’s original 80s incarnation…..)

And that’s that for this week.

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