Shayne Lamas Spills Juicy Hollywood Secrets

Shayne Lamas belongs to Hollywood royalty – her father is TV star Lorenzo Lamas and her grandparents film legends Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl. She has also dated her fair share of celebs and snagged her own  show, ‘Leave it to Lamas’ on E!

And we tend think this impressive Hollywood stock should give her free rein to spill the beans on the celebs around her. And she does. Like when she told us about the time she caught a famous ex-boyfriend red-handed, cheating on her!

Who’s the knucklehead that did the evil deed, and how did an A-lister spook her in his hotel suite? Find out, and see what makes Shayne click, after the jump.

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Do you have a celebrity crush?
Justin Timberlake – that’s every girls’ crush. I have always have a massive crush on him. The news that he broke up with Jessica (Biel) was good news to my ears!  That’s the funny thing, I joke about this all the time: I grew up here and I’ve met everybody but I’ve never met or seen Justin. I know one of his good friends, but Justin’s never out. It’s kind of a running joke with my friends. He never materializes.

You’ve grown up in Hollywood. Tell me about an embarrassing celebrity encounter you’ve had.
Well, I wouldn’t say embarrassing because I don’t really get star struck or anything. I would say a funny story is that I dated an actor – a really well-known, serious actor, who has done really big films. Pretty much everyone would know who he is. Anyways, I went out with him on a few dates. We went back to his hotel for a drink and he comes out of the bathroom in a really embarrassing thing, actually thinking that I would like it. But I was mortified. I ran out of the room and never called him back. If I ever told anyone the full story they would just die.

How about a shocking celebrity encounter?
Well, I dated  (Backstreet Boy) Nick Carter for six months a while back, when I was younger. One day, when he came back from tour, I went over to his house. I was knocking on the door and he wasn’t answering. So I looked in and I see him having sex with another woman! That was pretty mortifying. I was so young, though, it was long ago. I don’t know what I was thinking.

What did you do? I wrote a letter and put it in his mailbox, and then I never saw him again. When I see him out now he tries to say hi, but I can’t even deal with him. I mean, now I can’t even believe I was ever interested! We were so young.

What’s a typical day like for you?
Well I’ll give you an example from last week. My day started the night before. I went to a cupcake store opening that the Kardashians threw. My dad and I went because he knows [Kim’s dad] Bruce Jenner. I met Kim and Kris for the first time. They actually gave me tips on what I can expect with this reality show. Got home and got like 3 hours of sleep – I woke up at 4 in the morning. I woke up to gum stuck to my body in my bed sheets! I spent like twenty minutes trying to get that stuff off. I was so tired I guess I passed out with gum in my mouth.

Shayne Lamas (E!)

Shayne Lamas (E!)

Are people going to be surprised when they watch you on the show?
I think they’ll see that I am the glue that holds my family together. I’m the mediator in between it all. I am the main person that rallies that family and calms them down, gets the issues sorted out. On the first few episodes, you’ll love how funny my family really is. We are a bunch of characters. It’s a comedy, really.

What’s your secret diet or fitness tip?
Bronzer and platform shoes! That is my diet secret. Shoes make you look skinnier and taller and the bronzer gives you that glow and makes you look at least 5 pounds skinnier. Other than that, I got nothing. I hate diets.

If you could be on any other TV show…
I would have to say ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’ It’s hilarious and it’s all improv. I would love to play a crazy girl, maybe your typical LA stereotype of a Hollywood girl. It could be hilarious.

If you could change anything about your family…
There’s a lot of things! Let’s just leave it at that.

If you could change one thing about yourself…
I would want to be more organized. I am all over the place.

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If you could give any other celebs who are your age advice…
Always stay humble. You’re successful one day and no one is gonna know who you are the next. And, no matter what stage in your career you are at – at the beginning or at the top, stay humble and know that you are blessed but that it can be taken away from you at any moment.

If you could give advice to celebrity parents…
Help your kids with their financial situation and lead them in the right path in terms of how to handle their money. Help them save and choose wisely. Money doesn’t come in all the time when you’re in the entertainment industry so teach them how to budget.

What’s your secret to being sexy?
Confidence and believing in myself. Not being cocky, but being confident is a sexy quality in anybody.

What scares you the most in life?
My loved ones leaving me too soon. That’s my worst fear.

What’s up in your love life?
It’s absolutely fabulous. I am in love. I am definitely dating on the show, so we’ll show what goes on. I am very happy with the man I am with. We’ve been together for a while. But I’m not rushing to the altar any time soon or having a baby. My parents have been divorced so many times, I think it runs in the family. Im not gonna get married until I’m, like, 50! He’s also in the entertainment business, but he’s not in front of the camera, so he understands my career and the craziness of Hollywood. The support that he gives me is amazing.

What is the biggest misconception about you?
That I am a bubble-head and a ditz. That is a huge misconception. I just say what I am thinking, which may come out ditzy. I may be a klutz, but I am not ditzy.

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