‘Dollhouse’ Star On The Future Of The Show

Tahmoh Penikett and fellow ‘Battlestar Galactica‘ alums were on hand at the Spike TV’s Scream Awards on Saturday night for a farewell tribute to the show. We chatted up Penikett about the future of Joss Whedon’s brainchild, ‘Dollhouse.’

News came down from Fox this week that the network is guaranteeing to air all 13 episodes of the season and Penikett feels positive about it. “It’s just good that we’re going to be able to finish strong,” he said. “I don’t know if you watch the last episode but they just get better and better. It’s a strong season.”

“There’s some really dark and twisted things coming up and I think the fans are going to be blown away by it,” Penikett says about upcoming episodes.

As far as his character Paul Ballard is concerned, he’s not sure what is in store for him. “I’m curious about what’s going to happen to me and what they’re planning for the finale. But I haven’t had a chance to talk to him [Joss Whedon].” He is confident, however, that the audience will have a chance to see more events leading up to the post-apocalyptic world seen in the “Epitaph One” episode, adding “I think it’s safe to assume we’ll touch on that again. Epitaph was a brilliant episode.”

As for the budding relationship between Ballard and Echo Penikett says, “Let’s just say we’re going to share a lot of screen time together.”

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