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Meghan and Cheyne. (CBS)

Meghan and Cheyne. (CBS)

Hello Everyone!

Last night’s Episode #4 of The Amazing Race, took teams to Dubai to tackle the TALLEST building on earth, desert heat upward of 120 degrees, and……SNOWMEN! A very memorable episode and unforgettable elimination as well. Let’s get started with today’s BLOG!

EPISODE 4 —– Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The show began with teams departing from the Pitstop in Cambodia. Brothers Sam & Dan, being the “first place team” [thanks to Zev & Justin’s fall-from-first-place in the last episode], were the first to depart, followed closely by Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy.

Generally, when you leave the Pitstop to begin a Leg, the initial clue tells you EXACTLY where to fly next. For example, the clue may say “Fly to Tokyo, Japan.” However, in this episode, the clue was intentionally VAGUE about where the teams needed to fly next. The initial clue at the Pitstop instructed teams to fly to “The Persian Gulf” to find the world’s tallest building. The term “Persian Gulf” refers to a large area of southwest Asia, which includes around 8 countries.

Thus, teams BEGAN this Leg with the pre-flight task of having to figure out just what country they needed to fly to! Several of them hit local internet cafes before heading to the airport, in order to research where in the Persian Gulf the world’s tallest building could be found. Brian & Ericka were the first to discern that the location was DUBAI.

At the airport, Brian & Ericka gave the confused Sam & Dan an assist by telling them that Dubai was the location to fly to. Brian said, “When it comes down to it, it’s a big game of karma. So, we’re just trying to be nice to everybody and help people out.”

Poker girls Maria & Tiffany were the last team to arrive at the airport, where they admitted that their “survival” in the last leg was due to Zev & Justin’s unfortunate loss of Zev’s passport.

All of the teams ended up on the exact same flight to Dubai, thus evening out the playing field for the moment.

Upon arrival in Dubai, the teams immediately made there way to the 124th floor of the Burj Dubai skyscraper. The view was just indescribably beautiful……and SCARY at the same time! The clue at the skyscraper then instructed teams to travel to a landmark water fountain, where they would sign up for one of two shuttle buses.

Shuttle #1 would depart at 5:30, Shuttle #2 at 5:45.

Teams signed up for Shuttle #1:

*Maria & Tiffany
*Brian & Ericka
*Sam & Dan
*Meghan & Cheyne

Teams signed up for Shuttle #2:

*Gary & Matt
*Flight Time & Big Easy
*Lance & Keri
*Mika & Canaan

The shuttles took the teams to a parking lot where they found vehicles which they would need to drive to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. Almost immediately out of the gate, engaged-couple Lance & Keri struggled with the directions to the Reserve, and quickly became lost on the Dubai highways.


Within the last clue the teams received was the first FAST-FORWARD of the season.

To explain the Fast-Forward: In each edition of the Amazing Race, there are TWO Fast-Forward opportunities, hidden in TWO separate legs. Only ONE team can use the Fast-Forward. The Fast-Forward is generally a difficult and DEATH-DEFYING task. Once you complete the Fast-Forward, however, you are rewarded handsomely, as you win permission to SKIP the rest of the leg and proceed DIRECTLY to the Pitstop!

The thought of Fast-Forwarding to the finish line proved seductive for Meghan & Cheyne……who decided to jump on it! The instructions lead them to the Dubai Autodrome, where one team member would need to drive a RACE CAR in a lap in less than 45 seconds. Cheyne decided to tackle this and proved he had a little Kyle Petty inside of him!


Meanwhile, the other teams began to arrive at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve where they were confronted with a ROADBLOCK. In this week’s Roadblock, one team member would need to search the SCORCHING desert to find urns – some of which were empty, others were filled with water. Once they found this water, they would need to use a ladel to fill up their cantine, in order to receive their next clue.

Brian, Dan and Tiffany immediately took the challenge. Tiffany’s first two urns did not contain water. However, she later assisted Dan when his ladel broke. Brian also gave an assist to both Dan and Tiffany as they searched they desert ground for water. Brian’s “good karma building” paid off as he was the first to complete the Roadblock and receive the next clue!

As the teams were leaving the Desert Reserve, Maria backed their vehicle over a pole which PUNCTURED their radiator. In a surprising move, Sam & Dan stayed with the Poker girls until their replacement vehicle arrived!

Back on the road, Mika & Canaan struggled with the drive, as Lance & Keri got seemingly more and more lost……

Once by one, each team completed the Roadblock, with Mika & Canaan arriving on site in seventh place, with Lance & Keri still lost out on the road.


Having successfully completed the Fast-Forward, Meghan & Cheyne were able to SKIP the entire Leg in Dubai and head directly to the Pitstop at Souk Madinat Jumeirah where they scored a DECISIVE First-Place victory! For their victory, Phil rewarded the couple with a trip for two to Jamaica, courtesy of Travelocity.


The next task of day took our teams to an indoor SNOW FILLED SKI-SLOPE where they discovered a DETOUR. The choice was FIND or BUILD. In FIND, teams had to sled down a hill and dig through mounds of snow to locate a toy snowman. In BUILD, teams would need to carry snow OUTSIDE of the ski-slope complex and use it build a snowman in the scorching HEAT.

Father/son Gary & Matt were the first to arrive at the ski resort and opted to find the snowman, which Sam & Dan, Brian & Ericka, Tiffany & Maria, and Flight Time & Big Easy following suit.

Ericka was the first person to find the very tiny snowman doll, followed by the Harlem Globetrotters. They then received their LAST clue of the day, instructing them to head to the Pitstop at Souk Madinat Jumeirah!

The other teams soon became frustrated with the FIND task and abandoned it to start over at the BUILD option. Watching the teams building snowmen in the Dubai sun and heat was an unforgettable “only on the Amazing Race moment”!

One by one, each team completed the task and drove to the Pitstop.


At this point in the episode, only two teams remained on the Race course: Mika & Canaan and Lance & Keri.

Mika & Canaan completed the snowy detour, while Lance & Keri were still stuck back at the Roadblock. When Lance found empty urns, he actually started BREAKING them.

With a clear lead, Mika & Canaan checked into the Pitstop, earning their safety till the next Leg.

At the Detour, Lance & Keri chose BUILD. After completing his snowman and receiving the final clue, Lance actually tried to KICK OVER his snowman……as if hurting the poor snowman would help their abysmal performance in this Leg!


Upon arrival at the Pitstop, Lance & Keri were promptly eliminated by Phil. For the engaged-couple, their Achilles Heel was the Dubai driving. The team found themselves LOST literally every time they got in the car! Surprisingly, the team was very gracious in defeat. Lance called the experience a “great time” and “a dream to be here.” Keri added that they have so many other great things to look forward to together.


1. Cheyne & Meghan
2. Brian & Ericka
3. Flight Time & Big Easy
4. Greg & Matt
5. Sam & Dan
6. Maria & Tiffany
7. Mika & Canaan
8. Lance & Keri [ELIMINATED]



*Sam & Dan and Maria & Tiffany have forged the first true ALLIANCE of the season. While they are on the same page right now, could a betrayal lie ahead? Both of these teams seem honest overall….but also very crafty and competition-savvy!

* Brian & Ericka seem divided on helping others out. Brian loves to help the other teams, while Ericka doesn’t exactly seem as into it! No matter which way you look at it, it is undeniable that Brian is earning this team some seriously great karma.

*Lance took out his frustration by breaking the urns at the Roadblock, and attempting to destroy his snowman. Phil —- we needed you to award this fellow with a trip to an Anger Management Resort, courtesy of Travelocity.

*Despite Lance’s brute strength and Keri’s determination, they could not survive the drives in Dubai. That alone is what killed them off.

*To Mika, MPH ≠ KPH. During one of the drives, she remarked, “Isn’t it funny that you can drive 120 miles per hour here and it feels like 60?” To which Canaan corrected her that in Dubai distance is given in Kilometers, not Miles. We can’t make fun of little Mika though, as we would have probably made this same mistake if we were in her shoes. ;-)


Each week, is conducting LIVE CHATS with the most recently eliminated team.
Many of these chats are quite the EYE-OPENERS… not everything that happens on the Amazing Race makes it onto the televised episodes!

Check back into later this week for the upcoming LIVE CHAT with Lance & Keri….and have your questions READY!


We will be back here with you NEXT MONDAY with our review of Amazing
Race Episode #5!

See you RIGHT HERE on next time —– DON’T MISS IT!!!

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