Kate Gosselin Answers Your Questions

Kate Gosselin (Donna Svennevik/ABC)

Kate Gosselin (Donna Svennevik/ABC)

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Want to tell Jon and Kate what you really think about them? Now’s your chance to let ’em have it!

TLC is airing a one-hour special of ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8‘ in which Kate Gosselin addresses the family drama and answers your burning questions.

Viewers are also encouraged to submit their favorite moments from the show. That sounds like a set-up for a sentimental send-off to us. Could this be the final episode of ‘Jon & Kate’?

The network revealed they are running out of footage for the show since Jon Gosselin, who’s now being sued, had the reality series shut down.

Kate gets to front the special edition, probably because whenever Jon talks, he gets in trouble.

The special episode will air the same day Jon and Kate are due to face-off again in court.

~As for how the family’s holding up, Kate recently told Vanity Fair that the kids have been “acting out.”

~Kate was “profoundly disturbed” by allegations Jon hacked her emails.

~’Jon & Kate Plus 8′ as we know it goes off the air in November.

~What’s next for Jon and Kate Gosselin?

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