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Curious about what’s coming up on your favorite show? Got burning questions about the new TV season? Tuesday is now tease-day at Fancast, and is the address to use/abuse. Here now the scoop!

I thought you were just stirring the pot with the idea that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ newcomer Reed would go after Alex. But now that Izzie is AWOL and her hubby is all hurt… I am not so sure! – Denise
To be clear, Nora Zehetner confirmed nothing about Reed wooing Alex. In fact, at one point she cheekily hinted (with a nod to Lexie), “Can a woman ever have her hooks in McSteamy 100 percent?” Again, pure speculation. “There’s been no romance yet, but I’m sure soon enough,” she said. “It always goes that way, doesn’t it? There’s lots of romance on this show!”

Can you give me a reason to un-break up with ‘Brothers & Sisters’? Something other than that French ‘Sex and the City’ guy? – Elise
If Gilles Marini is a little too blatant a piece of eye candy, might I suggest you check back in to catch wholesome Jon Tenney from ‘The Closer’? He will be guesting as a new love interest for Sarah Kitty Kevin Nora starting November 8.

There have been rumors swirling around about the 100th episode of ‘Bones,’ but can anyone at Fox say when it is going to air? Also, is there any chance we will see more of Mozhan Marno, who played Azita Jabbari in last week’s episode? She was fantastic, and I would love to see Brennan and Booth collaborate with her again. – Sarah
Episode 100 doesn’t even film until January, Sarah, so I am being told not to look for it until perhaps March. As for Mozhan Marno, she gained herself some big fans among the ‘Bones’ cast and crew as well, but there are no plans at this time for an encore.

Is Emily Deschanel’s sister Zooey definitely going to appear on ‘Bones’? Were they able to work it out this time? – David
Yep, the indie queen is signed, signed and delivered, and will film the ‘Bones’ Christmas episode next week. As series boss Hart Hanson revealed last month, “[Zooey] will play Brennan’s closest blood relative, not counting her dad or her brother – one that she hasn’t met before.”

I’ve been wondering for ages exactly what part of India ‘The Big Bang Theory’s’ Raj is supposed to be from. From his surname I’ve been guessing Tamil Nadu, but has it ever been mentioned on the show? – Famin
The show has never laid out Raj’s heritage, but I got ‘Big Bang’ co-creator Bill Prady and cast member Kunal Nayyar to collaborate on this answer for you: “His surname is of south Indian heritage, but Raj was born and brought up in New Delhi, which is in North India. His father left the South at a young age to attend Medical school in the Northern Indian State of Punjab. He is now a very successful gynecologist and runs his own private clinic in Delhi.”

On Facebook you dropped a hint about Victor’s upcoming imprint on ‘Dollhouse.’ I’m honestly not sure anything can beat “Kiki,” because that was made of awesome. – Kimberley
Then prepare yourself for awesomer. Here is the little vittle that Enver Gjokaj let slip about the “crowd-pleasing,” “mind-bending” personality on tap for Victor in Episode 6: “We’ll see him imprinted with another familiar face, as he was last year [with security chief Laurence Dominic].” Which Dollhouse staffer will he mimic next? Anybody who has read the official logline for Episode 6 aka “The Left Hand” can do the math for you.

Do you have anything to share about ABC’s ‘V? (premiering November 3)? I’m really hoping the show does well. I need my Elizabeth Mitchell fix. – Fran
You and me both! (I still owe Elizabeth her own “JULIET IS DA BOMB” T-shirt; I just need to iron on the letters.) Yes, I’ve seen the ‘V’ pilot and it’s pretty good. My main quibble: I wish it didn’t gloss over how the world initially reacts to the arrival of the Visitors. A studio mole urged me to look past that and instead focus on all that these strangers have to offer humankind – “Universal health care! Cures for scores of diseases! A green planet!” AND employment for a slew of skywriters who will scribe giant V’s across the sky near 26 U.S. landmarks starting this Friday.

Could tell us whether or not Lois has a role in ‘Smallville’s’ 10th episode, “Disciple”? – Rachel
Is Lois going to be in the Geoff Johns-penned episode “Society”? It was a shame that she missed out on “Legion” last season. – Luke

To Rachel and Luke: Lois will appear in… one of those two episodes. (Hey, I don’t call this The Big Tease for nothing.) P.S. Did you see who’s filling out the JSA for “Society”?

Should ‘Smallville’ fans be worried about the show being canceled mid-season? – Helga
Fear not, Helga, The CW is in no rush to end Clark’s journey. Let me remind you what netlet boss Dawn Ostroff said her expectations were at the time the show’s move to Friday was announced. She told me that because of the series’ “very strong” and “loyal” fan base, “I think ‘Smallville’ will do better [than previous occupants ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ and ‘The Game’]” – and sure enough it has, drawing 2.6 million viewers in its most recent outing. Clark & Co. also deliver a much stronger Live+7 DVR playback bump (+56 percent at last count).

I really enjoyed ‘Law & Order’s’ take on the whole ‘Jon & Kate’ nonsense. Any scoop on what’s next for the show? – Peg
Exec producer Rene Balcer thinks the 20-year-old crime drama has found a fresh take on Roe v. Wade, and will serve it up this Friday. “I think it will end up ranking in the Top 10 or 20 episodes we’ve ever done,” says Balcer. On hand for the hard-hitting hour is Richard Thomas of ‘The Waltons,’ delivering a “pretty terrific performance” as a pro-life lawyer.

What have you heard about ‘The Wanda Sykes Show’? She says it will deal with the news of the week, so it sounds as though it will be taped fairly close to airtime. Will there also be sketch comedy? Will she have a regular cast? Will it be like a traditional talk show? – TV Gord
Get Syke’d, Gord, because it sounds like Wanda has found a winning formula. Each installment of ‘TWSS’ (premiering November 6) will tape the evening before its Saturday airdate. Following a pre-taped bit (in which Wanda might, say, get digitally inserted into timely news footage), she will deliver a brief monologue that zings a single topic. As for the “cast,” her primary sidekick is comedian Keith Robinson, while guests will come in two flavors: a newsmaker of the week (usually appearing via satellite) and a ‘Real Time’-like roundtable of three celebs and Wanda herself.

I’m bummed that NBC cancelled ‘Southland.’ Is there any chance it might be picked up by another broadcast or cable network? It’s a shame to waste the talent there. – Myra
I agree, the Peacock risks looking like a pea-brain by deciding to not bring back the acclaimed cop drama, while unremarkable fare such as ‘Mercy’ maintains a pulse. The good news is that at least two outlets are taking a look at putting ‘Southland’ back on the air. One of the contenders is TNT, where, a friend of mine there agrees, it would be a perfect fit. And speaking of TNT…

I’ve noticed that TNT hasn’t announced a second season pick-up for ‘Dark Blue’ – but I’ve not heard about a cancellation either. Thoughts? – Candy
My “thought” is that while nothing is official, it’s looking good for ‘Dark Blue’ to see a Season 2.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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