‘DWTS’ Week Five Elimination Strains Credibility



“It doesn’t feel good.”–Natalie Coughlin on her shocking early dismissal.

The latest elimination round on ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ nearly had the judges scolding viewers. It was not pretty – certainly not as pretty as the earlier tribute to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Latoya Jackson introduced a special tribute to her late brother and the pros danced to a montage of MJ’s greatest hits. The highlight was a spirited interpretation of ‘Thiller,’ something that Michael himself would have loved.

Heartthrob Donny Osmond and partner Kym Johnson were chosen to perform their Argentine tango for the encore. It seemed even sexier the second time around.

Sultry crooner Norah Jones was the special guest and she dazzled the crowd with her songs including her signature hit, ‘Come Away With Me.’

On the medical front, Derek appeared to bounce back from the flu, but Kelly Osbourne suffered a sprained foot last night. No worries, though. Maks will sub for her. Kidding. She’s expected to be back, ready and rehearsed next week.

Predictably, last night’s top scorers – Donny and Kym, Mark and Lacey and Mya and Dmitry – were safe.

Then came the surprise. Kelly, Louie and Michael, along with their respective partners also made the cut. It shows you the importance of a strong fan base because some of these couples had turned in the weakest performances the previous night. Did Louie even dance? Ah well, no need to go into detail. All of us know who were’ talking about.

Soemhow Aaron and Karina found themselves put in harm’s way for the second consecutive week. Also joining them on the chopping block, were Joanna and Derek, Natalie and Alec and Melissa and Mark.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Dancing-With-the-Stars/1112/1301416210/Dancing-With-The-Stars%3A-Week-5–Natalie-Coughlin/embed 580 476]


Moments later, Aaron and Natalie found themselves standing together on the chopping block, one of them fated to leave. Bruno and Len both said neither deserved to be up there, and Carrie Ann said she was ‘very disappointed to see Natalie up there.’

She was even more disappointed when Natalie was sent home. It was uncomfortable as Natalie strained to hold back tears while explaining she loved the experience. “I’m sorry,” she said.

Natalie, you shouldn’t be the one offering an apology. That job belongs to Dancing with the Stars. Tonight strained the show’s credibility. Shame.

Nine celebrities remain in the competition. Next week: a mambo dance-off and the always scary double elimination.

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