Special Guest Star On ‘Ghost Whisperer’

Chad Lowe will make a special appearance on Jennifer Love Hewitt’s supernatural hit, ‘Ghost Whisperer,’ TV Guide Magazine reports.

But he won’t be playing any spectral characters.

“It guest stars Chad Lowe as a really interesting character in an Emmy worthy performance,” said executive producer Ian Sandler. “He plays a guy named Nathan, a high profile client of Jamie Kennedy‚Äôs psychologist character, Eli. He is a software mogul with an obsessive compulsive disorder and paranoia.”

The episode will also shed light on Melinda’s spooky supernaturally-talented son. “Yes. Aidan is an empath, which means he is able to empathize with some of these ghosts,” said Sandler. “Melinda is able to have visions through him. And this episode accelerates that dynamic more than any other.”

Chad, Rob Lowe’s younger brother, has starred on ’24,’ ‘Bones’ and ‘ER.’

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