FlashForward: “If You Sit By The River Long Enough, You See The Bodies Of Your Enemies Float By.”

FlashForward (ABC)

FlashForward (ABC)

Episode:  ‘Gimme Some Truth’

Aptly named episode, as a whole heap o’ truths dropped fast and furious tonight.

Also, while residents of South Park would be otherwise inclined to blame Canada, a lot of fictional FlashForwarders think China has plenty to answer for, too.

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New Players

Meet Senator Joyce Clemente, whose hobbies include hating on Wedeck, hating on Wedeck and hating on Wedeck.  In future episodes, expect to see her wearing a bald cap while inserting her pinkie finger into her mouth and chortling.

And who else but Peter Coyote to play a skirt-chasing Commander in Chief who has a secret love child tucked away somewhere – and maybe even an army of rocket-launching ninja assassins at his disposal?

We also get to know Agent Vreede a bit better.  His karaoke rendition of ‘Sister Christian’ brings to mind the phrase, “Don’t quit your day job.”  And that’s not just because his day job involves helping to save the world from more blackout-related global disasters.

Old Business

No new pushpins on Mark’s bulletin board tonight.  He and Wedeck and Demetri and Vreede were too busy defending it in D.C. during some Senate hearings.

Also, when Janis scoffed at her pregnancy-related flash forward, on account of having been sans boyfriend for eons, it wasn’t an “overly-dedicated career gal who forgot to make time for relationships” thing.  It wasn’t even a “shy spinster who would rather throw birthday parties for her cat” thing.  It was more of a “she’s too busy having hot lesbian sex with a foxy chef named Mya” thing.

Which is so much more cinematic.  Especially with sweeps coming up.

New Business

So Team Mark were in D.C. singing for their supper.  Turns out the Senate doesn’t like to fork over gobs of money to some ad hoc, slapdash rogue project which is centered around the singular (and vodka-soaked) vision of one lone agent.  Plus, since when are charred doll heads and dead crows and the re-patriation of Nazis considered a responsible use of taxpayers dollars?  The C.I.A. is offering up some pretty compelling evidence that China is to blame, and their sources don’t appear to include ouija boards or re-runs of Angel.

Wedeck hates D.C..  He used to work here.  Mostly as a “bag man” who helped the President pay off and then hide his pregnant mistress, although his business cards probably claimed a different title.

D.C. hates Wedeck, too.  Especially Senator Clemente, who isn’t about to let Wedeck’s past trickle gently by like water under the bridge.  No way!  If she absolutely has to use a water-related analogy, she’s gonna go with that Japanese proverb about how if you sit by a river long enough, you see the bodies of your enemies float by.  Conveniently, Senator Clemente is overseeing the very same Senate committee which is deciding whether or not to continue to fund the Mosaic project.


Meanwhile, Janis analyzes some satellite footage of Somalia from around the time when their crows were dropping like flies.  It could be a coincidence that someone constructed some super high-tech looking towers a short distance away in the desert at the very same time.  But probably not.

Wedeck decides to play hard ball, and calls in his favor with the President in an effort to save Mosaic.

Cue the rocket-launching ninja assassins, who try to flame-roast and then shoot Mark, Wedeck, Demetri and Vreede at episode’s end.  The Magnificent Four engage in a shootout, and they triumph because they are fueled by conviction, male camaraderie, and The Rolling Stones.

Janis is less fortunate.  There’s no feisty 60s soundtrack playing in the background to denote that she’ll live to fight (or have more hot lesbian sex) another day.  She’s shot by a rogue ninja assassin and left to bleed out in the street.

And, at episode’s end, Olivia gets an anonymous text from someone informing her that Mark hasn’t told her the entire truth about his flash forward.  At least not about the heavy booze part.

New Visions

Agent Vreede confesses that his vision was a rather banal one……leaving work at a rather late hour.

The President’s ex-mistress and baby mama, on the other hand, had a pretty relaxing vision of herself and her love child kicking back on the beaches of Puerto Rico.

And Senator Clemente – who, by episode’s end has secure the Vice Presidential nomination, replacing the Prez’s first-choice second fiddle, who died during the blackout – claims to have flashed forward to a nifty little job promotion.

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