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Leonard Nimoy on Fringe (FOX)

Leonard Nimoy on Fringe (FOX)

It’s too bad that we non-baseball lovin’ genre fans can’t just go live in that alternate dimension along with William Bell for a while and watch our favorite shows in a pre-emption free zone.  But life goes on, as new cast members arrive, old showrunners leave, and a few straggling November premieres still give us something to look forward to besides an end to all that yammering on about Yankees and Phillies related hoohah.

Now That The Charlie Suit Is SO Last Season, What Are All The Well-Dressed Soldiers From The Alternate Dimension Going To Be Wearing?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sebastian Roche has climbed abroad the freak-fueled Fringe express and will be barreling forward through a multi-episode arc as one of those Terminator-esque thugs from the alternate universe.

Details of his role are “being kept under wraps,” but why?  Will anyone be truly surprised when he face-plugs some people, breaks bread with the baldies, and tries to kill Olivia, Walter and/or Peter?

FlashForward Pictures Life Without Its Showrunner.  (It’s Kind Of Biblical.)

Hollywood Reporter also bears tidings of FlashForward co-showrunner/executive producer Marc Guggenheim leaving the show, which places David Goyer squarely in the pilot’s seat.  Many sources, like Sci Fi Wire, offer up compelling theories as to why this significant behind-the-scenes shuffle can only mean good things.

Meanwhile, this week’s most compelling FlashForward theory comes courtesy of a commentor at Sci Fi Wire, who reckons that the two minute and 17 second blackouts must correspond with a certain Biblical verse of the Acts 2 Verse 17 variety, in which “last days” and “visions” and “dreams” figure prominently.

BFF Bonnie Reveals Why It’s Not Called ‘The Elena Diaries’ (Or ‘The Stefan Diaries’, Or Even ‘The Bonnie Diaries’)

(Although…raise your hand if you’re keen on a name change to ‘The Damon Diaries’…)

TV Guide talks with Vampire Diaries’ Katerina Graham (who plays Elena’s witchy wannabe BFF Bonnie), and  she shares that the upcoming Halloween upside had her “in tears.”  “It was a very hard episode, emotionally, to read,” she adds.

Most revealing is how Graham addresses the question of whether major characters can expect to bite it at any moment.  “In our first meeting with the director and writers in Atlanta, we were sat down and we were told bluntly that this isn’t The Elena Diaries, this isn’t The Stefan Diaries and this isn’t The Bonnie Diaries, this is The Vampire Diaries, and anyone can die and anything can happen.”

Not surprisingly, Graham isn’t about to diss the uber-too-trendy topic of blood suckers.  The likes of True Blood and Twilight are “part of the reason our show got picked up,” she says.  “They opened the door.”

And, as any vampire connoisseur knows, once you open the door to a vampire trend and invite it to step inside, it never freakin’ leaves.

He Is Not A Number!  But He’d Like One For A Cab Service….

IO9 offers up the newest trailer for The Prisoner, which has Ian McKellan doing the cryptic mad Englishman thing in response to Jim Cavaziel’s plucky Yankee rebel rouser thing.

This one is looking goooooood.

Game of Thrones Gallery

Where else can an actor lament the discomfort of chainmail costumes or the perils of fighting green-screen-spawned villainy and be rewarded with an avalanche of knowing nods from his castmates?

On the set of HBO’s Game of Thrones, for one.

The Live Feed trots out an impressive tapestry of headshots for the now-fully assembled cast, and it’s a veritable smorgasboard of genre gems: alumni of Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles, New Amsterdam, Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Resident Evil, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Beowulf & Grendel, and Red Dwarf are all running amuck on one set.

The mind boggles, and so does the chainmail-related chafing…………..

Well, That’s One Way To Not Bomb During Sweeps

Last week, Fox went to the trouble of announcing that they would allow Dollhouse its full second season run, despite the dismal ratings.  So, true to their word, they will show the remaining episodes….eventually.  They’re simply taking a little breather – for all of November, per Sci Fi Wire.

Perhaps In That Alternate Universe, Ratings Don’t Even Matter?

The Live Feed echoes the complaints of TV fans across the nation: Thursdays are too damn crowded, and it’s too damn bad – especially for Fringe, which would probably be kicking ass in any other weeknight slot, but instead is suffering nearly as much as The Observer might during a Tabasco sauce shortage.

Live Feed “barely” advocates for Fringe hunkering down, staying put and hoping for the best.  But with Fringe’s former Tuesday slot now a barren wasteland of genre-free fodder, why not recapture some of its former glory (and fanbase) with a quiet shuffle back to home plate?

Magical Mooooo-nlight

Because it’s too funny to not mention, IO9 shines a light on THE must-have home decor accessory for those hoping to attain “cow abduction chic.”  Check it out.

At $100 a pop, you probably could create an entire life-sized crop circle out of IKEA Fado globes for the same price, but admittedly, it would be nowhere near as amusing.

And that’s that for this week.

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