‘Melrose’ Star Teases Sex and More Death

Shaun Sipos (The CW)

Shaun Sipos (The CW)

The CW’s ‘Melrose Place‘ (Tuesdays at 9/8c) is due for some renovations once the “Who killed Sydney?” murder mystery is resolved in December. Namely, the prime-time sudser will adopt a lighter, frothier tone and bid adieu to cast members Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Colin Egglesfield (aka Violet and Auggie). “I got along wonderfully with Ashlee and Colin,” Shaun Sipos, who plays David, tells Fancast.com. “They have become good friends of mine and I will miss them on set.” Before any of the aforementioned changes take place, however, there is another death to rock the complex, and possibly a torrid entanglement between two morally compromised tenants. Sipos gave us a look at what’s ahead.

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That was quite the confrontation Lauren and David had at the end of last week’s episode.
I know, her castrating me over the thieving. What a bitch!

Some fans were expecting-slash-hoping their tense face-off would lead to hot sex.
[Laughs] It’s getting there. In an upcoming episode, I break into her place and set up a really nice evening for her. And then we start to go at it.

Awww, breaking-and-entering in the name of romance.
When I read the scene, I was going, “David is the man.” He has set up the whole apartment, dinner and everything, but then she’s like, “Wait – you broke in here, didn’t you?!”

Lauren seems very disappointed with David’s “hobby” as a thief.
No, she’s not happy about it. As an actor with the knowledge I have [about Lauren], I’m like, “You’re hooking and you’re getting upset about me stealing?” But from David’s point of view, she seems like an angel so he can’t really get on her case about it. But if the information [about Lauren being a call girl] ever came out, he would let loose on her.

You don’t think he’d shrug it off?
Oh, I don’t think so. David cares about her, so I don’t see it being like, “Oh, we’ll get past it.” You’d feel pretty betrayed, and angry.

Were you relieved to learn David’s motivations behind his stealing?
Yeah. To a degree. I had had a conversation with the writers when we first started, and we had been of equal minds that he really has a problem with trust fund people who had never really earned their way in the world and were spoon-fed – and that’s who [the burglary targets] are. They’re spoiled brats. David came from a trailer park, his mother died when he was 13, the father he went to live with was essentially a stranger…. It’s a way of rebelling.

Are there more father-son scenes to look forward to?
Yeah, yeah. I’ve got some good scenes with Thomas [Collabro]. I like working with him. He’s super-nice and he’s a really good actor.

And the man has seemingly not aged since the original ‘Melrose’!
I know! I don’t know what is going on there. He’s eating something.

What can you tease about the second death that’s coming up?
Um…. Someone dies in the pool – but they’re not necessarily found in the pool. It’s not another you situation where you glance over and someone is floating in the pool. But it does involve the pool.

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