The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – Leap of Faith in One Relationship Leads to Elimination

Meghan and Cheyne (CBS)

Meghan and Cheyne (CBS)

Hello Everyone!

In last night’s Episode #5 of The Amazing Race, teams remained in Dubai where they told time, worked mathematical equations, and tried to push their partners down waterslides–as one team’s meltdown let their shot at $1 million dollars slide away!

A very COMEDIC episode of the Race indeed.  Let’s get started with today’s BLOG!

EPISODE 5 —– Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The show began with teams departing from the Pitstop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Since the teams were remaining in Dubai, no flights or airports were necessary in this episode.  Meghan & Cheyne, being the first team to arrive at the Pitstop in the previous episode, were the first to depart.  The first clue of the day instructed teams to take a locked briefcase to the Dubai Creek Yacht club.

With a CRAZY huge lead, Meghan & Cheyne arrived at the Yacht Club where they were confronted by a ROADBLOCK.


In this week’s Roadblock, one team member would need to row an inflatable bot to a yacht, pickup a wristwatch, and return to open their briefcase.  In order to open it, teams would need to use the time on the watch: 8:35 as the combination on the briefcase.

Cheyne volunteered for the challenge and just mauled it.  He rowed with ease and immediately figured out that the time on the watch would open the briefcase….and when he opened it they received their next clue, sending them off to a water taxi port.

Soonafter, the other teams began to tackle the Roadblock and, for the most part, teams figured it out quite rapidly.  EXCEPT for our Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy.  First, Big Easy struggled with the rowing!  It was comical to watch this LARGE man in this TINY dingy boat!

After retrieving the suitcase, Big Easy’s guess for the suitcase combination was 872.  We still can’t figure out quite how he calculated this!  Team after team passed the Globetrotters as Big Easy was unable to deduce the combination.

Flight Time never stopped cheering his friend on, as Big Easy finally read the time 8:35 and opened the briefcase!


Meanwhile, first place couple Meghan & Cheyne discovered a DETOUR. The choice was GOLD or GLASS.   In GOLD, teams had to go to a jeweler and use a scale to weigh out $500,000 worth of gold.  This would be accomplished by using the gold exchange rate which was shown on TV screens throughout the jewelry store.  The catch: the exchange rate CHANGES every few MINUTES so teams would need to calculate the amount of gold needed QUICKLY in order to get it on the scale in time.  In GLASS, teams would need to precisely assemble 12 hookahs using their component parts.

Meghan & Cheyne decided to tackle GLASS.  Although Meghan was a bit stressed out by the task, the duo stayed calm and eventually completed the task, although they initially forgot to put the washers into the hookahs.

Brian & Ericka soon selected the GOLD option.  Ericka actually joked, “I don¹t know a whole lot about gold, but I do like to wear it.”  As Brian watched the tv screens monitoring the gold exchange rate, he realized just how difficult the math was going to be.  After several failed attempts at doing the math by hand, they decided to abandon the task and head over to GLASS.

Meghan & Cheyne, having completed the Detour, received the next clue directing them to Aquaventure Water Park for a “Leap of Faith”…..which was a 6 story waterslide!


Back at the Detour, brothers Sam & Dan could not figure out how to calculate the proper amount of gold, even with the aid of a calculator that they had brought along on the race.  Poker players Maria & Tiffany understood the calculation immediately and, using the brother’s calculator, found the answer, which they shared with the brothers.

Although both Meghan & Cheyne admitted being afraid of heights, both of them took the “leap of faith” on the waterslide without hesitation.

After sliding down the insanely high waterslide, Meghan & Cheyne received the last clue, instructing them to head to the PITSTOP at Dolphin Bay Beach.


Meghan & Cheyne “made this Leg look easy” as they lept onto Phil’s Mat at Dolphin Bay Beach.  For  their victory, Phil rewarded the team with a pair of watercrafts.  This marked Meghan & Cheyne’s THIRD First Place victory…..cementing their status as the DOMINATING team this season.

Back at the Detour, Brian & Ericka abandoned GOLD to try out GLASS…..however, they soon found themselves frustrated at this task as well.  Through trial and error, they completed the task after spending a significant time on it.


Flight Time & Big Easy tackled the GOLD challenge, and Big Easy ROCKED it with calculating ingenuity!  So if you were laughing at Big Easy back at the watch-briefcase challenge, you definitely saw him redeem himself right here!

One by one, each team checked into the Pitstop, leaving only two teams remaining: Mika & Canaan and Flight Time & Big Easy.

When Mika & Canaan attempted the “Leap of Faith” waterslide, Mike literally FROZE UP with fear.  She flat our refused to do the slide. In one of the most comical moments of the season thus far, Canaan even tried to push Mike down the slide, albeit unsuccessfully.  A screaming match ensued with Mike saying “You can’t make me do it” and Canaan saying “You’re going to make us lose this.”

Flight Time & Big Easy arrived at the waterslide…..and noticed Mika’s fear.

In one of the SLICKEST moves all season, the Globetrotters actually took advantage of Mika’s fear, calling out to her things like “Don’t do it, it’s too high”, “You might fall off the edge”, etc.  Mika continued to cry and gave up….giving the Globetrotters the chance to SLIDE down and check into the Pitstop!


Mika never did make the trip down the slide.  Instead, the duo went directly to the Pitstop, knowing well that they were in last place. Upon arrival at Dolphin Bay Beach, Phil notified the team that they were indeed eliminated.  Canaan admitted:   ³I don¹t hold it against Mika. There¹s freedom in forgiveness and there¹s freedom in understanding that people aren¹t perfect and neither are you.²


1. Meghan & Cheyne [for the 3rd time this season!]
2. Maria & Tiffany
3. Sam & Dan
4. Brian & Ericka
5. Gary & Matt
6. Flight Time & Big Easy
7. Mika & Canaan [ELIMINATED]


*The alliance between the Poker players and the brothers continues to be of mutual benefit.  The alliance lead to an impressive 2nd and 3rd place victories, respectively, in this Leg.  It IS working for these two teams and their bond could be the only way to surpass, and potentially eliminate, Meghan & Cheyne.

*KUDOS to Matt for bring his hair dye on the Race!  During the Leg, Gary & Matt mentioned redying Matt’s hair at the last Pitstop.

*The Globetrotters HUSTLED!  After finding themselves in a dismal last place due to their problems at the Roadblock briefcase challenge, these guys plowed ahead with the same intensity that has talen their basketball team to the heights that it has attained.  Preying on Mika’s fears at the waterslide was pure GENIOUS and will be remembered as one of the most strategic moves utilized by a team this season. And Big East proved he’s actually a “numbers man” at the Gold detour!

*Brian & Ericka have an intense dynamic.  Both seem to remain relatively optimistic, but Ericka does seem more susceptible to the stresses of the game.  Watch for this to perhaps worsen as the Race continues and the Legs increase in difficulty.

*Does anyone else here find it ironic that the Christian team Mike & Canaan were eliminated due to a challenge entitled “Leap of Faith”??? Once Mika & Canaan got away from the waterslide, we saw the “true colors” of their relationship, and the faith they have in each other is stronger than any one-day argument at a silly waterslide in Dubai. They walked away from Phil’s mat hand-in-hand, and we bet they are still walking together as we type this today.


Each week, is conducting LIVE CHATS with the most recently eliminated team.  Many of these chats are quite the EYE-OPENERS… not everything that happens on the Amazing Race makes it onto the televised episodes!

Check back into later this week for the upcoming LIVE CHAT with Mika & Canaan….and have your questions READY!


We will be back here with you NEXT MONDAY with our review of Amazing Race Episode #6!

See you RIGHT HERE on next time ‹­ DON¹T MISS IT!!!

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