‘Bones’ Origin Story in the Works

'Bones' (FOX)

'Bones' (FOX)

Get ready for a very special episode of ‘Bones‘ this spring, when the venerable Fox drama celebrates its 100th episode.

No, there won’t be any hook-up fake-outs or evil animated babies.

This time the gimmick is a flashback episode. Producers will be digging up ‘Bones’ history, when we see Booth and Brennan meet–and clash–for the first time.

“We’ll be there for the first time those two personalities clashed,” exec producer Stephen Nathan tells EW. “Events will conspire to make them come out of the case hating each other and vowing that they will never work together again.”

While there’s no word on if this stunt means fans could get a glimpse of the much-missed Zack, Nathan does add, “We’ll also see the introduction of Angela and the genesis of her friendship with Brennan.”

That should be a trip.

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