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Curious about what’s coming up on your favorite show? Got burning questions about the new TV season? Tuesday is now tease-day at Fancast, and is the address to use/abuse. Here now the scoop!

How about some ‘Lost’ scoop? You must have something of interest you can share. I hear they’re already up to filming Episode 5. – Steven
At this point they are at work on Episode 6 – while a sad little rumor is making rounds that we may have an extra-long wait ahead of us for that episode. To hear one <Boston Brahmin accent> Harvard blogger </accent> tell it, ‘Lost’ boss Carlton Cuse said during a weekend visit to his alma mater that the final season will be interrupted for at least two weeks, so as to not face off against NBC’s Winter Olympics coverage, which runs February 12 to 28. (The pot-stirring blog posting has since been removed.) ABC is confirming nothing – not even the Season 6 premiere date – while several sources tell me it’s too early to get a lock on February scheduling. Me, I’m a tad skeptical that ABC would take a knee versus the Games in the name of “protecting” a show that’s in the final stretch.

What’s the good word on the next (and final?) season of ’24’? – J.D.
In a word, it gets off to a “great” start, as teased by Mary Lynn Rajskub (aka Chloe) via Twitter. Specifically, I’m hearing that the (albeit faux) New York City setting gives Jack a visually grittier-looking sandbox in which to play. As for this being the final season, a promo now floating around does say that Jack needs to “survive one more day.” (Meanwhile, can we give a beat-down to the CTU twerp who asks, “Who’s Jack Bauer?”) You can see for yourself when the official Season 8 trailer makes its broadcast premiere during Fox’s World Series coverage.

Got anything on Kim Raver’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ role? As a hardcore Owen/Cristina ‘shipper, the idea that she is a possible love interest for Owen makes me nauseous. I don’t know what Shonda & Co. are up to, but I’m really freaking out. – Tara
And I’m not sure this will calm you down. As part of my in-depth interview with Rhimes, she confirmed that Owen has known Raver’s Dr. Teddy Altman “for a while,” ever since they served together in Iraq. There, Owen and Teddy “had a friendship,” Rhimes teased, “and we’re going to see what happens when she shows up at the hospital.” (War vet docs reunited Stateside? Ominous words to the 16 of you who watch NBC’s ‘Mercy.’) Oh, and Teddy is a cardiothoracic surgeon who will mentor Owen’s current honey, Cristina. (Salt! Wound!) Need other goodies from Shonda, ‘Grey’s’ fans? Just ask me…

‘Desperate Housewives’ was so good this week, and I have to give much of the credit to Marcia Cross. How much longer can we expect Bree to be juggling her affair with Karl? – Deena
Bree will be cheating on her turkey of a marriage through Thanksgiving, at least. In the episode airing November 29, Fairview’s unlikeliest couple are still carrying on when perhaps the last person Bree wants to get wind of her dirty laundry indeed does. And boy, then it gets ugly.

Nobody ever asks for scoop on ‘Two and a Half Men’ – why is that? – Cassie
Perhaps they’re afraid I will scoop that in the November 9 episode, brothers Charlie and Alan get drawn into what appears to be a ménage a trios with a beautiful barfly (played by ‘Eastbound & Down’s’ Katy Mixon). Ew. Lesson learned, Cass?

I know that it makes me a terrible feminist and an even worse woman, but I prefer ‘90210’s’ sleazy Mark to creepy Jasper as Annie’s new beau. Will Mark be redeemed? And if so, is there any hope for a Mark/Annie romance? – Alexandra
I know, right? Why do some people say “sleazy” as if it’s a bad word? But you and I must be in the minority, as there are no plans at this time for Mark to resurface.

One of the little gems of summer was ‘Drop Dead Diva.’ Do you know if Lifetime is renewing it for a Season 2? – Elizabeth
‘Diva’ was so plus-sized a gem that Lifetime picked up it up for another season pronto, back in August. Jane’s big adventure continues next summer (exact premiere date TBA).

Many ‘Criminal Minds’ fans I know feel the characters have been “off” this season, as in not themselves, and that there hasn’t been much interaction with one another (i.e. Hotch/Reid). Is this being done on purpose because there will be a big payoff at the end? – Diana
I can pretty much guarantee that what you are perceiving is not being done on purpose, if only because you went and made Ed Bernero all sad with your assessment. “I’m sorry any fan feels that way,” the series boss says in response to your email. “I don’t think there’s been any less or more interaction between the characters than in other seasons.”

Now that Renee’s lies have been exposed on ‘One Tree Hill,’ will Naley fans get some overdue on-screen lovin’? – Kelli
When I spoke to James Lafferty I relayed the fans’ clamoring for some Nathan-Haley heat. He said that if Nathan was ultimately proven innocent, “I’m sure there’s plenty of that to look forward to. [Series creator] Mark [Schwahn] is pretty good about giving the fans what they want.” That said, he had to note, “This is The CW, not ‘True Blood,’ so they shouldn’t be expecting too much!”

On ‘Psych,’ is there any chance we will see more of Lassiter (Tim Omundson) and Shawn’s dad (Corbin Bernsen) working together? They were pretty funny. – Sarah
‘Psych’ will show you that funny again. Says a show insider, “We definitely have upcoming plans to reunite the detective skills – and bickering – of Lassiter and Henry.”

The Big Tease has been great to us ‘Bones’ fans! What have you got this week? – Tammy
You know how Booth and Bones have that Scully-and-Mulder kind of sexual tension? Well, ‘The X-Files’ literally marks the spot in this season’s 11th episode, “The X in the File,” when the dynamic duo investigate the uncovering of an “alien” carcass. Based on an early draft of the script, that eerie discovery is punctuated by a not-at-all subtle shout-out to the beloved sci-fi series.

Fancast’s latest ratings report card said ‘The Forgotten’ is a “tenacious rookie… holding its audience [of] 7.6 million.” But is this series about to be “forgotten” by ABC? – Andrea
Seven-plus million is a fair audience, but the big headline last week was that FX’s ‘Sons or Anarchy’ beat ‘The Forgotten’ in the coveted 18-to-49 demo. That’s gotta leave a mark. Plus, I can’t help but notice that the Christian Slater series is being sidelined during the second week of sweeps by… a Robin Roberts news special.

Regarding the ‘Melrose Place’ pick-up, does that mean 18 episodes and it’s over? Or 18 and maybe renewed sometime in 2010? – Taffy
It all may ride on how many tune in see the bitch come back in the former of original ‘MP’ minx Amanda Woodward. As Shaun Sipos told me, “Heather Locklear is an investment, and people” – meaning the network number-crunchers – “are going to want to see how she does.” I myself am more curious about who Amanda does, heh.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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