The Guys Of ‘Ghost Lab’ Spill The Secrets Of Halloween

Are you more likely to see a ghost on Halloween? Do spirits know it’s Halloween at all? Where is the ultimate  trick-or-treat house? So many paranormal questions to answer, and only just a few days until All Hallows’ Eve!

Luckily, ‘Ghost Lab‘ stars and ghost-hunting brothers Brad and Barry Klinge, were there to answer our questions. Catch their series Tuesday nights at 10pm on Discovery.

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So what do ghost hunters do for Halloween, the scariest time of the year?
Barry: Me and Bradley live just houses apart on the same street in Texas. Our kids are cousins and we all get together and hang out in the neighborhood in one giant group and go trick or treating.

Is there more ghostly activity in Halloween or is that an urban myth?
Barry: I would say it’s more of an urban myth. Everyone wants to see a ghost on Halloween. They’re kind of in that moment. But as far as paranormal activity, we get stuff whenever. We get stuff in August, or in the middle of Christmastime. It doesn’t increase or decrease, it just seems that people want to see ghosts more on that day. I have never seen a trend.

Do ghosts know it’s Halloween?
Bradley: Well if you’re an intelligent ghost and aware of your surroundings I think it’s possible. You are probably aware of more things than people can only imagine – so you see people getting candy and getting dressed up and the plastic pumpkins. It’s one of those questions that – hey ask me that after I’m dead! Only one way you’re ever gonna find out.

What’s your most memorable Halloween?
Bradley: I was a sophomore in High School and I put a Hockey mask on and Barry put this skull mask on and fatigues. He sat in our parent’s front porch and covered himself in cobwebs, almost as though he was a statue. I hid in the bushes. When kids would come up and start looking really close, I would come out of the bushes and scare them to death. It was funny catching people’s faces when we did that.

Barry: We caught one kid on roller skates and he tried to get away – he turned into a cartoon character. He was at a standstill (makes ‘Three Stooges’ noise).

What’s the scariest place to go trick or treating?
Barry: Trick or treating in Leap castle in Ireland, probably. Nobody there to hand out candy, though. That’s one of my all time lists of places to go to. Another one would be Dracula’s castle in Transylvania.
Bradley: I wanna say Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment.

What’s the scariest movie to watch on Halloween night?
Bradley: One of my favorite all-time horror movies is ‘The Others’ with Nicole Kidman. It actually sparked a lot of interest and experiments that we do. The whole thought of who are the ghosts? Us or them? We actually have evidence this season to show that there could be ghosts out there who think we’re the ghosts.
Barry: One of the more scary movies is ‘Poltergeist.’ That’s a freaky movie, even though it was made a long time ago.

Tell me about the experience that influenced you into going into the ghost hunting business.
: That was me. I was 17 years old. Barry was in the Navy at the time, stationed in Miami. My parents and I were doing this cross-country tour, headed down to Miami. I’m a big Civil War buff and we went to Gettysburg for several days. On our way into town, I look over while we’re driving – it’s broad daylight – you see this small group of Union soldiers cruising down this field. Flags flying, you can see the drummer boys with the drums over their backs. I thought they were doing a re-enactment.

What did you do?
So I get my dad’s camera and I jump out of the car and I start filming them, running after them. I stop, pan across, then I stop again and run after them some more, but by the time I pick up the camera again, they’re gone. This was in the middle of a field. There’s no where for them to go. They would have to run a mile in about 3 seconds. There was nobody there. And later I looked at my videotape and I had caught them, they were on video.

Watch the scary scene on the first episode

What was it like to show it on the series?
I always call it my personal proof of the paranormal, but we never show it as evidence. In fact, when Discovery showed it on our first episode, that was the first time I had shown anybody outside my close circle, family and friends, in twenty years.

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