‘Biggest Loser’ Talks About Family Tragedy

Biggest Loser‘ competitor Abigail Rike may have lost 82 pounds this season – but she is still dealing with memories of her family, who died in a horrific car accident just a few years ago.

Rike’s entire family was inside their Nissan minivan one morning when a speeding car crashed into them. The accident killed her husband Richard, 33, and her kids Macy, 5, and Caleb,  2½ weeks. She was not in the car.

“After the wreck, all my roles were gone. I wasn’t a wife anymore,” she said to Life & Style. “I wasn’t a mother anymore. I was broken and falling apart inside.There were pieces of shrapnel where my heart used to be — it was shattered.”

And the way she dealt was through eating too much. “You can’t bury your two children and the love of your life and think, ‘Oh, I’m just going to be okay,'” she added.

Rike went from a whopping 247 pounds to a much better 165 pounds on the series.

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