‘FlashForward’s’ Dr. Olivia Benford Joining The FBI?

‘FlashForward’s’ Dr. Benford (Sonya Walger) is trying to escape the vision she had of her future – where she saw herself on a romp with the mysterious Lloyd Simcoe (Jack Davenport), with her hubby Mark (Joseph Fiennes) nowhere to be found.

But she can’t seem to shake Simcoe off, and she is slowly but surely being drawn into his life.

What does Sonya Walger say is in store for Dr. Benford and the future of her relationship with Mark  – or Lloyd? And is an FBI stint in the cards for her too? We chatted with the stunning actress, and here’s what she shared with us.

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Olivia has been trying so hard to stay away from Lloyd Simcoe, this man she was with in her flash forward, but something keeps drawing her to him.
Yes, I think the whole part of the interesting question that the show examines is that whenever you try to avoid your fate you accidentally bring it about. Every time she purposely avoids Lloyd she accidentally bumps into him. Every time she keeps transferring the little boy (Dylan) to another ward, they bring him back. So I wonder if she did nothing, would it be easier to get around it?

About this Dylan (Ryan Wynott). What role does he play in bringing Loyd and Dr. Olivia Benford together?
In the grand scheme of things, he’s a patient, he’s autistic. So as much as she’s avoiding Lloyd Simcoe she’s a very conscientious doctor. I suspect this will play a big part in bringing them together, if only because she’s not the type to turn her back on a patient. Dylan is the most adorable character and really interesting. I actually think it’s wonderful they made him autistic, that he has the memory, and that the way he deals with information is different than Olivia’s daughter, let’s say. But he has other ways to compensate for it. There are also other things that will bring them into each other’s orbits.

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How about Olivia’s daughter Charlie’s (Lennon Wynn) flash forward? It seems like it’s an important piece to the puzzle. When will we see it?
You’ll have to keep watching! Everyone’s fast forward will be revealed. It won’t take too long for that to happen. Everyone’s is 2 minutes and 17 seconds long. So that will allow you to start piecing together a bigger picture from bits and pieces.

What’s next for Dr. Olivia Benford?
Mostly having to do with the circling of Lloyd in her orbit and getting around that. She gets drawn in in an unexpected way into the FBI business, which was cool because I got to work with a whole new side of the cast. You guys have that to look forward to.

What did you think when you first read the script or heard the idea of the series?
I was handed the script by my agent who basically said ‘I think I found your next job.’ I was like ‘yeah yeah whatever.’ And then I read it, and four or five pages in, I thought it was just astounding. And that was even before the flash forward had even happened.

What specifically did you like about your part?
My ears perked up the minute I read that Mark and Olivia write notes to each other that say ‘I hate you’ instead of ‘I love you.’ In itself that’s really unusual and interesting. I do know couples that talk in opposites, they have their own code. I thought these characters were really grounded human beings put in extraordinary situations.

But will Mark’s impending (and past) alcoholism get in the way of their grounded relationship?
Well, it’s been seven years (since Mark stopped drinking). That’s a good long time by any standards. It’s hard to say and know about his pressures. Will his work and what he’s seen end up leading him to drink? Or will it be another behavior? Or will it be that what he saw won’t necessarily happen? I think without the flash forward Mark was headed for  a crash, let’s put it that way.

FlashForward airs Thursday nights at 8 on ABC.

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