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Will Cappie and Casey get back together again? That’s the big question on tonight’s mid-season finale of ‘Greek‘ (9pm on ABC Family). After last week’s big kiss, things look to be headed in a good direction for CRU’s it-couple, but how will Evan react? Elsewhere, the rivalry between Kappa Tau and Omega Chi heats up, and one of the houses on the row burns down. But was it arson or an accident? Never fear, we won’t have to wait long for an answer as the show will return in January.

The Perfect Schedule (Monday, November 2)

8pm ET: Heroes‘ (NBC) Hiro continues on his bucket-list, this time with a very personal item: going back in time to save his true love, Charlie.
9pm ET:Kate: Her Story‘ (TLC) Mama Gosselin sits down with Natalie Morales from ‘The Today Show’ to give the latest on her complicated yet fascinating life.
10pm ET:I Want To Work For Diddy‘ (VH1) 13 determined men and women compete to be Diddy’s personal assistant.

Tomorrow Night:

V‘ premieres Tuesday night on ABC (8pm ET) with a whole-new take on the cult-hit ’80s classic. What happens when spaceships show up hovering over the Earth’s largest cities and we are introduced to aliens who proclaim they come in peace? Hmm, might not want to believe that just yet…as they harbor deep secrets. Elizabeth Mitchell (‘Lost‘) stars as an FBI agent that is dubious of the V’s intentions, as her teenage son gets sucked in by an attractive alien recruiter. Watch the first 9 minutes of the pilot below.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/V/104617/1304788573/V%3A-A-First-Look-at-V%21/embed 580 476]
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