’30 Rock’ Not Big In Germany




Emmy dominance does not earn you Baywatch-level popularity in Germany or even a measurable audience.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Sunday night debut of NBC’s ’30 Rock’ on German television yielded less than 5,000 viewers resulting in an audience rating of 0.0.

Thats right: zero-point-zero.

The comedy, which averages more than 6 million viewers here in the U.S., debuted in Germany on ZDFNeo, a pretty small digital channel that’s trying to court younger viewers.

Not that Tina Fey should feel too bad. Also on the same channel Tuesday, BBC comedy Taking the Flak also came up goose eggs in the ratings department. The evenings big hit ended up being the 2006 feature thriller The Sentinel, starring Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland and Ava Longoria Parker, which attracted a boffo audience of 30,000 and scored a 0.2% audience share.

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