Karina Smirnoff: ‘There’s No Predicting Anything Now’



Look at that picture – yes, we were happy. And I’m really happy this morning, but you know what? One thing we know about ‘Dancing with the Stars’ is that it’s totally unpredictable. I don’t know which way we’re going tonight, I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I’m very nervous.

How nervous am I? I’m on my way to CBS right now and I forgot all my hairpins and stuff that I need when I get to hair and makeup. I know they’re going to point a finger at me and say, “Karina, you’re irresponsible.”


You now what, though, I feel really good about last night. Both Aaron and I did. If we’re voted off tonight, we’ll have finished on a high note.

Last night Aaron went through the routine perfectly from beginning to end. It was so great. I spent the whole dance watching him so if he messes up I can cover it up. But there was no need during last night’s jive.

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We worked all week – and boy, it was tough. It was tough physically and emotionally. Just as far as the dance went, well…the way Aaron and I work, we do it by trial and error. We try to find steps that look good right away and then build on them. We let them sink in for a day. If they don’t look good, we take them out and come up with something new.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Dancing-With-the-Stars/1112/1317691115/Dancing-With-The-Stars%3A-Week-7–Aaron-Carter/embed 580 476]

On Sunday night, I wasn’t that confident. We couldn’t even go through the dance without stopping because the original version of Twisted Sister’s song was too fast. We slowed it down about two percent and then gradually it got better.

I was thinking, what’s my plan B? New choreography or something? On top of that, we had the group dance. There were a lot of moving parts, a lot of people to coordinate and a lot of things that happened. That we came out and did a great job was perfect.

Watch all of last night’s dances.

It’s funny. Whenever we think we have a great dance, the judges don’t like it. But when we aren’t sure, they love it.

Right after the show, we went to rehearse our knockout dance in case we’re in the bottom two or three. Then I went home and passed out. As for our chances tonight, I don’t know – it could go either way. We could be fighting for survival or maybe people will vote for us.

I think we deserve to stay. But I know that if we’re in the bottom two, we’re ready for our knockout dance.

We are ready!

Hopefully you are too – ready to vote for us. Get out there and call!

To vote for us, call: 1-800 – VOTE4-01

PS – I’m really grateful to all of you, like Ellen Tracy, Britney, Janine, Alisha, Samanthan, Patti and Sharon, and all the rest of you who are writing in and voting. Thank you for keeping us in the competition. There’s no predicting anything now, so please, please, please let’s keep it going.


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