Ramsay’s Ready to Whip the ‘Masterchef’

Gordon Ramsay (FOX)

Gordon Ramsay (FOX)

The man who gives new meaning to the term ‘food fight’ is at it again. And Fox just can’t get enough of him.

Gordon Ramsay is whipping up his third cooking show for the Fox network, according to Variety.

Move over ‘Top Chef,’ because ‘Masterchef’ is jumping the pond.

The long-running British series is getting an American makeover, with Ramsay on board as co-producer. And yes, TV viewers, your favorite foul-mouthed foodie will appear on screen as well.

‘Masterchef’ will soon begin production on 12-15 hourlong episodes of the cooking competition series–which features amateur cooks as its hook.

That brings Gordon Ramsay’s prime-time menu of shows to five (or is it six?). There’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’ ‘Kitchen Nightmares.’ Gordon Ramsay’s ‘The F Word.’ His upcoming holiday special ‘Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live.’ The proposed new animated show, ‘Gordon Ramsay, At Your Service.’ And now ‘Masterchef.’

Is all this TV face time the reason Chef Ramsay recently got a little ‘freshening up’ at the cosmetic surgeon’s office?

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