Spoiler Alert: Major ‘Heroes’ Death Revealed

The Cast of 'Heroes' (NBC)

The Cast of 'Heroes' (NBC)

A major character death!? It’s been teased on gossip sites for a few weeks, but now the cat’s out of the bag.

Heroes‘ is killing off one of its original cast members. And now it’s for real. There’s no time travel, evil twin, regenerating hocus pocus fake-outs this time, kids.

But someone ruined the fun for those of you still watching NBC’s one-time powerhouse, so read on if you want to know who the victim is. And how they themselves found out, because it’s not too classy.

Who learned they were being let go from the show…by reading the script?

Adrian Pasdar.

That’s right. Nathan Petrelli is not long for the superhero world.

We can think of a list of other characters at least five deep that we’d axe before we’d take out a Petrelli brother, so this is pretty big news that may not fly with fans.

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