The Big Tease: Scoop on ‘Grey’s,’ ‘Chuck,’ ‘Supernatural’ and More

Curious about what’s coming up on your favorite show? Got burning questions about the new TV season? Tuesday is now tease-day at Fancast, and is the address to use/abuse. Here now the scoop!

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ should bring back Burke – but it doesn’t have to be the same actor. If not Isaiah Washington, try someone new. That could be a nice storyline for Cristina. – Annette in Comments
I’m glad you shared this sentiment, because I made the exact same pitch to ‘Grey’s’ creator Shonda Rhimes. I mean, why introduce some new doc played by Kim Raver when a return by Burke (even via a recast) could really rattle the rafters? Rhimes’ response: “First of all, you can’t recast Burke. As far as I’m concerned, none of these [cast members] are recastable.” As for ever addressing any business left unfinished when Burke ran out on Yang, Rhimes countered, “No, I feel like we really played that storyline out in the way we meant to play it out – and I think it worked.”

The season premiere of ‘Chuck’ feels so far away! Some scoop would help make the wait easier to bear. – Frederic
Well, now that NBC has effectively axed both ‘Southland’ and ‘Trauma’ and upped ‘Chuck’s’ episode count by six, hopefully that wait will be whittled down some. “There’s always been that possibility,” Mark Christopher Lawrence (aka “Big Mike”) tells me. “With NBC cutting shows, chances are we will return earlier [than March 2010].” Will ‘Chuck’ still call Mondays home? “At this point there’s no telling,” Lawrence shrugs, before adding with a chuckle: “I’m just glad we’re not going up against ‘Monday Night Football’ or ‘Dancing with the Stars’!”

Is this week’s ‘Supernatural’ as funny as it looks? After all your Twitter and Facebook teases, I am dying over here. – Michelle
I’m a tough critic when it comes to funny, and I LOL’d lots while watching “Changing Channels,” in which the Trickster plops Sam and Dean inside various TV shows. (The episode’s opening credits alone will have both schlemiels and schlimazels howling.) All that’s up for debate is which segment the fans will find most hysterical. I myself was giving the edge to the riff on ‘Grey’s’ – which is replete with way too many people saying “Seriously?” – but then the ‘CSI’ spoof hit my screen and all bets were off. It must also be noted, however, that toward the hour’s end things turn grave when the Trickster drops two bombshells on the bros.

Got scoop on ‘Supernatural’? – Robin
Speaking of this week’s episode, I had to wonder if the breathy female pop tunes playing throughout the ‘Grey’s’ send-up were satires themselves, perhaps with mocking lyrics. Despite repeat viewings, I was unable to tell for sure, so I turned to series boss Eric Kripke for an answer. “It’s all real,” he tells The Big Tease. “We share a music supervisor with ‘Grey’s,’ Alex Patsavas, so she made sure we had the perfect type of songs. I think a few may have even been used on ‘Grey’s.'” Seriously? Seriously.

Are we closer to a resolution regarding ‘Southland’ moving to TNT? – Will
Just as you emailed me, Will, TNT announced its plan to air all seven Season 1 episodes plus the half-dozen new eps produced for (but ultimately turned down by) NBC. With ‘Southland’ moving to cable, one question is whether the gritty drama will still bleep its bad words. A TNT rep tells me that while cabler does carry “TV MA”-rated shows featuring “certain language for mature audiences,” it’s too soon to tell if the ‘Southland’ cops will be swearing a blue streak.

Will House and Cuddy get some actual action with each other this season? – Amy
By “actual,” do you mean non-hallucinated? That’d be nice, but no signs point to an in-the-flesh hookup anytime soon. Perhaps as small consolation, director Greg Yaitanes teased via Twitter that “Cuddy fans are going to go crazy” when they catch this season’s 14th episode. “It’s awesome.” And yet a small eternity away.

‘The Vampire Diaries’ should not have killed Vicki! Please tell me she’s not really dead. – Craig
Alas, the minx of Mystic Falls is no more – though there is a chance we could see her again. “[Series boss] Kevin Williamson keeps mentioning that I will possibly be back in a dream or as a ghost,” Kayla Ewell tells me, “but nothing is official.”

We have started a campaign to keep Ashlee Simpson-Wentz on ‘Melrose Place,’ and we need all the help we can get! Help us spread the word! – Luciano
I’m with you, Luciano – meaning, I agree that you are going to need all the help you can get. Now as far as things that will actually happen, one of the ‘Melrose’ tenants is gonna get a stalker.

After reading the Huffington Post piece where Michael Shanks talks about ‘Smallville’s’ Justice Society episode, I could not be more excited. What are you hearing about it? – Rachael
One of my buds got a gander at Geoff Johns’ script for the super-powered two-parter and in a word, he says, it is “amazing.” And speaking of Shanks, the buzz is that Hawkman could be the most entertaining DC Comics import in ‘Smallville’ history. Is it January yet?

I saw a teaser saying that ‘The Closer’ will return in December. Any idea on the date and how many episodes? – Jan
Brenda Leigh and the MCD crew will return on Monday, December 7, with three new episodes that wrap up the procedural’s fifth season.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves ‘White Collar’ and is desperate for scoop. – Sarah
True story: Back in 2002, blue-eyed ‘White Collar’ star Matt Bomer was considered to play the new big-screen Superman. (Brandon Routh went on to get the gig.) But onto your question. This week Bomer will strike a spark with ‘Rescue Me’ hottie Callie Thorne when Neal “appreciates” an art historian who may be involved in the theft of an antiquity. Also in the episode, ‘Fringe’s’ Kirk Acevedo will appear as an FBI nemesis of Peter’s.

I know ‘Criminal Minds’ is all about tracking serial killers, but are we ever going to see the characters have a little fun in their lives and see them in their comfort zone (i.e. see Reid’s apartment, JJ with her baby, the group hanging out together)? – Diane
Um, no. Rather, I am told that things will get even more bleak for the BAU agents before they get better, with the CBS hit’s 100th episode (airing November 25) revolving around a very personal turning point for Hotch.

Did Nathan Fillion ever reveal what the ‘Firefly’ “Easter egg” was on the ‘Castle’ Halloween episode? And any scoop on what is fast becoming my favorite new series? – Jess
The “Easter egg” was in fact barely bigger than an egg: Lying on the shelf as Castle made his entrance clad in Mal’s browncoat was a “catalyzer” – aka the gizmo critical to making a Firefly-class ship run. (Check out frame grabs here.) On the scoop front, ‘Mad Men’s’ tarty teach, Abigail Spencer, guests on the November 23 episode as a murder vic’s fiancée. When Perrey Reeves (aka ‘Entourage’s’ Mrs. Ari) turns up as said corpse’s wife, catfighting understandably ensues.

Do you know where/when the next Comic-Con is going to be? – mgbhighlander via Twitter
Do you mean the San Diego Comic-Con proper? That annual gathering will celebrate its 40th year from July 23 through 26, at the San Diego Convention Center. Register here, and remember: Lizard poisons Spock, but Spock vaporizes rock.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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