Is ‘Cheaters’ Staged?

‘Inside Edition’ says that the show that catches cheating spouses and partners has been doing some cheating of its own.

The news outlet claims that they have found at least two participants on the series ‘Cheaters’ that say they were paid to pretend they were cheating.

One of the show’s infamous scenes – where host Joey Greco was stabbed by an angry cheating spouse after being caught – may have been entirely staged.

The outlet spoke to the episode’s “mistress,” Cassandra Terrazas, who claims she was pad $350 for the skit. “It was all set up,” she told them. “They just rented a boat for us and we were supposed to be out like we were fishing and I was supposed to be sunbathing, and then they were going to come up on another boat and catch us.”

When they spoke to executive producer Bobby Goldstein, he contended the show was real and not staged. “Listen, I visited Joey (Grego). My recollection is that he was very pale, very frail, very scared, but he was very courageous,” he said. “But let me say this, if it was all poppycock, it sure did great in the ratings.”

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