Karina Smirnoff: “I Told Aaron, ‘`Dance Like It’s Your Last Time'”



Let me first say it was sad to see Michael go because Michael and Aaron and I have become really close. Michael became like an authority figure for Aaron. We went up afterward and told him he had to come back.

And then Mark, he didn’t even get a fair chance this week with Lacey being out and sick and him having three partners. I felt horrible for them.

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We were saved by the judges and given an opportunity fight again. Obviously, if you saw last night’s dance, you know we went for it with every cell in our bodies.

I’m so glad we prepared. As I told you yesterday, we rehearsed late Monday night even though we got the highest score for the solo dance. I had a feeling. Aaron agreed with me, it was good to be ready. And we were definitely ready for the dance off. I’m really grateful to those of you who are reading this blog and voting and getting your friends to vote for us; and I enjoy the support and encouragement I get from people like Timberly, Kristi, Samantha and EllenTracy. In a way, we’re all in this together. The show is a popularity contest as much as it is if not more of a dance contest.



Right before last night’s knockout dance, I pulled Aaron aside. He was angry about dancing so well the night before and still being in the bottom. I told him to put that out of his mind. I said, “Baby, it’s all good. If we go home, remember you’re finishing on a high note. Just dance like it’s your last time and dance your heart out, dance for me, dance for the audiences, and most of all dance for yourself. Have fun.”

We only have three weeks left. It’s nerve-wracking, it’s hard, but it’s also fun. We are prepared to work out butts off and we’re not going out without a fight – and maybe a surprise…keep reading this blog for more information.

As for today, well, I woke up early today and started choreographing for the next two events. Then I had a little event to go to. And now I’m sitting in front of the studio, waiting for Aaron to arrive and then I’ll show him the steps. Oh, guess what? Aaron just pulled up and… we’re both wearing hats. I guess we’re already in synch.

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