More Furtive Findings From The Set Of ‘Fringe’

Fringe (FOX)

Fringe (FOX)

While we’ve already provided a glimpse of things to come on ‘Fringe,’ here’s more food for thought from the cast as to which mysteries might yet be revealed, and when. Granted, in a world where shapeshifters, underground cannibal mutants, human bombs and re-animated cryonic frozen heads have free reign, this creates a pretty wide berth. Even so…..

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Joshua Jackson has weighed in on the possibility of “alter Walter” wanting his son back. What does John Noble think about the prospect of a Walter vs. Walter smackdown in Fringe’s future? “It’s certainly something we’ve talked about, quite seriously,” Noble admits. “It would be fun to do, and have the Walter from the other universe meet this old Walter. The other one will probably be fit and healthy…..and very angry at having had his son stolen, I would imagine. That will happen. It’s too delicious not to.”

Indeed, Walter provides more than his fair share of delicious moments, thanks in no small part to those misfiring neurotransmitters. But with increased rebounds in the mental health department, is there a chance that Walter might one day be completely sane again? “I don’t even know what completely sane is, to be honest with you,” Noble responds. And even so, he added, “I don’t know that we’ll ever see Supreme Court Judge Walter.”

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Walter versus Walter aside, what about the second biggest pending cage fight in the Fringe-iverse? Noble promises that the William Bell confrontation will be coming “very soon.” (No, really – how soon?!?) “I’m not sure that will happen this season,” he ventures. “I’m not saying it won’t, but I’m not sure it will.” (Spoken in true cryptic mystic Walter fashion.)

As for the guaranteed moment of greatest impact this season for Walter, Noble can speak with more certainty: “I think it will be when Peter realizes that Walter is not his natural father. I think it’s going to be wonderfully horrible. It will be painful, but it’s got to happen.” He adds, “I think our viewers have followed so closely their growing relationship. To see that smashed apart! I’m a bit nervous about that, actually. I haven’t seen any scripts about it.”

Joshua Jackson seems to concur that this will be the big moment for Peter, too. And he seems slightly more confident than Noble that it’s well within the realm of possibility prior to season two’s conclusion. “It seems like we’re on track to do that,” Jackson says. “Each character has whatever their inevitable end to this season’s story is going to be, and the end for this season’s story for Peter has to be that revelation.”

Ah, but the clash between dimensions won’t be a small thing, either. Where exactly will Peter’s allegiance lie when push comes to shove, given that he’s the brother from another mother (or the same mother, different dimension, or….whatever)? Jackson expounds thusly on where Peter comes from – and where he’s possibly going: “His father, obviously, was not a great father when he was younger. There’s some as yet untold mystery about what happened between he and his mother. Most of his life, he’s sort of been out there on his own, trying to figure it out for himself, and doing it not the traditional way. He’s specifically tried to avoid joining anything…..[but now] I think he’s enjoying being a part of a cause bigger than himself, even though he probably couldn’t admit that out loud. He gets drawn into all this, and then he’s going to find out that everybody around him was lying to him and betraying him. So – people don’t generally react well to things like that. At the same time, he’s going to be confronted with the idea that his allegiance isn’t to the side that he’s been fighting for. It’s actually, blood-wise, to the other side. That’s going to pose a very difficult question for him that I’m not sure the writers have resolved. I would actually be happy to play it either way.”

Watch a preview of tomorrow night’s episode below:

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Of course Peter is hardly the only one whose world has been rocked. Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) lost her sweetheart John Scott, and she’s now lost her partner and confidante Charlie. If bad things really do happen in three’s (although maybe on ‘Fringe,’ that’s a low estimate), one wonders: whose grave will poor Olivia be weeping over next? “I don’t know, but that really begs the question: who’s she going to care for next?” responds Torv. “So that might be fun. Maybe there’s somebody about to walk around the corner. We know we can’t lose Peter!” And, with two universes to chose from, she adds, “There’s got to be somebody for this girl!”

While the Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan) sidebar wasn’t a love connection, per se, it was certainly a welcome dose of Jedi mind control training. Does the bowling Yoda figure have still more to teach Olivia? “I think he does,” says Torv. “Olivia has a whole lot more to learn. We won’t see him for a little bit yet, but I loved that little story. I thought it was a shout-out to a couple of different things too, to have the oracle in the domestic environment. I thought it was great fun. And he was great fun to work with, too.”

Now, Peter was kidnapped from another dimension, and Olivia was subjected to involuntary mind-control drug experiments during her formative years – is it too much to hope for that perhaps Astrid (Jasika Nicole) at least had a happy childhood? “I have no idea!” Nicole exclaims. “My instinct is to say yes. Because I think that out of everyone, she seems to be really grounded, and really relatable. My only reasoning for that is that she had a really happy home!”

Astrid’s relationship with Walter seems to have progressed in leaps and bounds, given that inauspicious beginning with a syringe. “He could stab her in the neck again, [and] she’ll get over it,” Nicole says of Astrid’s relationship with Walter. “She did before. But I think she had good reasons to. She was upset, but she also understood that he was doing that to save her. [Walter] obviously has guilt still from the first lab assistant he had that died, which is the whole reason he got put into a mental institution in the first place. So I think in a way, he’s trying to make amends with Astrid – or through Astrid, really. “

Will Astrid finally be interacting a bit more with other major players in the upcoming episodes? “She does have scenes with Nina and Broyles – and she doesn’t call either one of them Mom or Dad!” Nicole shares. “But she goes to Massive Dynamic for the first time…..there’s a really, really funny scene that John kind of came up with at the very end. He’s decided that since he’s at Massive Dynamic, he doesn’t trust it there. It makes him really nervous, so he makes this little tinfoil hat, and puts it on. And he says that’s so they can’t read his mind. The next thing you see is him and Astrid at this desk, and she’s got a hat on, too. That would be really appropriate, because she trusts him. I hope that stays in the script!”

(Incidentally, when Jasika isn’t otherwise donning tinfoil hats on Fringe, this multi-talented artist is displaying some stellar sketching skills on her website at, where she’s even selling a line of eco-friendly handbags emblazoned with her artistry. Check ’em out!)

Fringe resumes with new episodes this coming Thursday, Nov. 5 at 9/8 c. And if you need a refresher course of what’s happened up untiil now, watch past episodes right here on Fancast.

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