Resistance Was Futile: ‘V’ Premiere Recruits Massive Viewership



Those Visitors of ‘V’ talk a good line about peace….although that giant honkin’ p-i-e-c-e of ratings pie they helped themselves to was a mighty aggressive serving size.

Last night’s premiere of the new ABC drama commandeered nearly 14 million viewers, which, as The Live Feed points out, is the ” biggest scripted series premiere rating for a freshman show this fall.”

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Much ado has been made about production being halted, the first four episodes being re-worked, and now the latest news that Scott Rosenbaum will take over showrunner duties when production resumes in January.

However, perhaps the changes were indeed more about finessing than futzing around. The favorable opening stats are one strong indication. Even Elizabeth Mitchell has remarked that, following a cast viewing of the re-re-re-imagined pilot, her opinion of the results skyrocketed. “I feel like it went from a 75 to a 92!” she stated, adding, “I’m really a pretty harsh grader.” The souped-up pilot created “more anticipation,” Mitchell felt.

Many critics and fans have suggested the pilot felt “rushed,” but reactions still skew toward favorable. SciFiNow wrangles up a soundly representational round-up of reviews here, and within the forums section of, a poll had 59% ranking the pilot as a 9 out of 10 (or higher) experience.

A common lament popping up continues to involve that interminable post-episode-4 hiatus, which will stretch well into spring. (Production on the next batch of episodes is not slated to commence until January.) “By the time ABC gets the ball rolling on this, all the fanfare will die out and V will be another series left in the dust,” speculates a commenter at Sci Fi Wire, echoing the complaints of many.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Mitchell seems to be a recurring item that pops up in the “What’s Working (Really Well)” column. “I’d watch Elizabeth Mitchell in a remake of King of Queens, playing the dumpy guy lead role…that’s how much I love her!” gushes one fan over at Ausiello Files.

Will they love her – and the show – enough to stick it out for another three episodes and through a four month break? Will you?

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