Conan Apologizes For Levi Johnston Twitter Joke

Conan O'Brien (NBC)

Conan O

William Shatner returned to ‘The Tonight Show’ yesterday to reprise his Levi Johnston Tweet reading, although this time it was under the guise of an apology by Conan O’Brien.

Turns out a similar bit the night before got O’Brien in some hot water after Johnston’s lawyer claimed the Tweets were bogus.

So, O’Brien took matters into his own hands, telling his audience, “apparently the Tweets that we read were counterfeit. They were written by a clever impostor posing as the witty Levin Johnston.”

“I’d like to personally apologize to Levin Johnston and his lawyer and publicist for misrepresenting him in any way,” said O’Brien.

He then wished Johnston luck in training for his upcoming Playgirl photo shoot.

Afterward Shatner began reading what O’Brien claimed were real Tweets by Johnston, including talk of mullets, bear shootings and Sarah Palin’s Taco Bell cravings — lines that might have scored more laughs than the previous bit.

Watch the apology, below:

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