FlashForward: “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me – A Death Club?!”

FlashForward (ABC)

FlashForward (ABC)

First rule of Ghost Club is: you do not talk about Ghost Club! They have a website, though, and an underground club that plays house music, and a hand stamp, and some other stuff. So it’s OK if nobody’s talking about Ghost Club…..our heroes should be able to figure this one out given the abundance of other clues.

Last night’s FlashForward episode weaves together Al’s obsession with the mysterious Celia, and those weird blue hand people who, it turns out, have nothing to do with a certain Vegas act. It also proved – by a certain free-will death – that not everyone’s flashforward’s are destined to come true.

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Al, and those blue-handed freaks

At the outset, Al reveals that he doesn’t know much about Celia. Just that she had two kids – and no flash forward.

Fortunately there’s a website for the flash-forward flummoxed: www.alreadyghosts.com (yeah, don’t bother – It just leads you back to ABC’s site for the show). So, out of the three blue hand suicides found in that house in the last episode, all were “ghosts” – people without visions. One in particular was a journalist named Ian Rutherford. The very same Rutherford whose file Al and MI6 agent Fiona Banks were pouring over during Al’s flash-forward….right before he received a disturbing phone call.

Cue Fiona Banks – fresh off a flight from London.

Fiona is curious about that phone call Al receives during his vision. He says it’s nothing. And by “nothing,” he means just an attorney-client privilege thing in which he confesses that he killed someone. Probably best not to mention that right off the bat to a brand-new colleague.

Through the Ghost Club website, Al, Demetri and Mark figure out where the local “ghosts” will be meeting, and they go undercover to check it out. Mark is such a cool cucumber, he wears a Police (the band) t-shirt to this illicit gathering of Fed-assassinating hard cases.

The best underground clubs always have that extra edge – and nothing screams “edge” more than a weird old guy who wants you to play Russian roulette before he’ll let you into the club. Al’s down for that. He had his vision – he’s got a future. He’s cool.

So Ghost Club is like Fight Club on crack. There are nooses and electrodes and bathtubs you can drown yourself in, just in case you’re in the mood for something a little more serious than a drink at the bar. Apparently you also have the option of engaging in a cage fight with a lion, if that roar in the background is any indication.

Mark asks the hot bartender lady who Raynauld is. She says it changes at every meeting. But at this meeting, it’s Leoben from Battlestar! Yay! Raynauld is sporting blue hands and a hankering for more Russian roulette. The agents tackle him and take it downtown (or wherever headquarters are).

Raynauld’s full name is Dr. Maurice Raynaud. He discovered Raynaud’s Phenomenon – a disease that turns the extremities blue. (Yes, “extremities” is just a fancy word for “hands.”) He discovered this before he died in 1881. But hey, “Raynaud” sounds way more mysterious than “some guy named Jeff who teaches American History at a high school.” Which is who this fake Raynaud really is. He admits that the Ghost Club recruits through Mosaic. And that nobody can change what is happening. Mwhahahahahahaha!

Later, Al woos Fiona Banks with an offer to whip up some dirty rice – and no, that’s not a kinky euphemism. In one of FlashForward’s more improbable scenarios, Fiona actually picks jet lag over the hot young guy offering to cook for her. (There are way too many diehard workaholics on this show.)

Al leaves a mysterious note for Demetri, then excuses himself to go stand on a ledge. Demetri gets the note in time…….er, sort of. Turns out Al’s Celia is a woman he has somehow accidentally killed in his flashforward. Her two children will go into foster care. Demetri and Mark and the others try to talk Al down from the ledge. But Al decides to avoid his flashforward (and Celia’s doom) in the most hardcore way possible – by taking a header off the top of the building.

This is his “gift” to Celia.

Nicole and Bryce

Nicole is volunteering at Olivia’s hospital – nothin’ wrong with a little preemptive redemption. Olivia assigns Nicole to shadow Bryce. A disgruntled Japanese patient is throwing a conniption about some flowers which are way too bad omen-y for her liking. This gives Nicole an opportunity to utilize her Japanese language skills, which were acquired during her army brat youth.

After work, Bryce wants to show Nicole his etchings. No, really. Ah, but Bryce does not climb through this particular window of opportunity as the hot nanny lingers over his drawings – he’s too obsessed with the beautiful Japanese woman from his flash forward. This is where Nicole’s bilingual prowess comes in handy. She translates a Kanji character from his vision – it stands for “belief.”


Lloyd Simcoe comes to meet Olivia in her office. She’s totally weirded out by his proximity. He keeps trying to reassure her that he would never do anything to jeopardize her marriage, and, by the way, he’s going to be transferring to the Bay area. This last bit perks her right up. She thinks his transfer sounds greeeeeeeeeeat. Super great. She would be otherwise inclined to turn cartwheels and shriek, “YESSSSS!”, only she’s a dignified surgeon.

Whew! Now that the potential affair is behind them (or in front of them but moving to the Bay area, or whatever….), she can relax. Right?


Aaron gets a visit from a Corporal Mike Willingham, who served with Aaron’s daughter, Tracy. Mike’s having a tough time, post-war. He’s trying to readjust to civilian life, which isn’t easy when there aren’t a lot of jobs to be had. Mike promised Tracy that if anything happened to her, he’d deliver a certain Swiss army knife to her dad. It’s the same knife from Aaron’s flash forward. Aaron’s happy.

Mike later tracks Aaron down again. He wants to clarify something. He was with Tracy when they were ambushed. He saw her die. For sure. Aaron’s sad.

Still later, Aaron has Mike come meet him at work. He’s got a job for Mike, if he wants it. Mike is relieved. Aaron has closure.

That closure cracks like an egg when Aaron walks through the door of his house at episode’s end and sees Tracy alive and well, sitting at the table.

Demetri and Zoey

Demetri forgets to go meet Zoey at the printers to pick out wedding invitations. Doh! Nothing pisses off a hard working fiancee/attorney like blowing off a wedding-related errand. What’s his freaking deal, she wants to know?! Why is he so distracted and non-committal lately?

Demetri confesses about his involuntary membership in the Ghost Club. She’s not havin’ it. He was in her damn vision, which involved a damn wedding on a damn beach! Even though when we see her vision, we don’t actually see Demetri. But she’s sounding pretty convinced. Nothin’ stands between a would-be bride and her big day – not even some stupid, lame, foretold death! Nuh-uh! She’s already booked the caterer, OK?


At episode’s end, Simon is looking a bit weepy as he holds a friendship bracelet with the name “Annabelle” on it.

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