‘Mad Men’ Finale: Is Don Still Hot for Teacher?

Jon Hamm, Abigail Spencer in Mad Men (AMC)

Jon Hamm, Abigail Spencer in Mad Men (AMC)

This Sunday at 10/9c, AMC’s Emmy-winning ‘Mad Men’ wraps up its third season amid much secrecy as to what exactly will go down. Will Don pay the price for his litany of lies, and perhaps even cop to his recent indiscretion with school teacher Suzanne? Or might their illicit romance “stay after class” and pick back up? Abigail Spencer, who plays Suzanne, teased what might – or might not – be.

When you were cast as Suzanne, did you immediately think, “I am so going to be Don Draper’s next conquest”?
It’s kind of a funny situation because [the producers] really don’t tell you much. I think they knew where it was going to go, but they wouldn’t let us tell anyone. So you have this mixed feeling of “I’m on ‘Mad Men’ and all my scenes are with Jon Hamm, and I can’t tell anyone?!” But you learn that’s why the show works. Everyone wants to know, “When are you coming back? Are you a bunny-boiler?” I love that people are invested in it, but my answer is, “I can’t tell you.” I will say this: What you think will happen probably won’t, and if it does happen it will be in a new and fresh way. [Series creator] Matt [Weiner] has that gift.

What I like about Suzanne is that she is wise to world and instantly spotted Don for the shark that he is.
That really tells a lot about who she is and where the ’60s are going to go. She wears her heart on her sleeve and says what she thinks, but she’s incredibly attracted to him at the same time. You can call a shark for what he is but at the same time be floored by him.

OK, so the million-dollar question: Might Suzanne or Don want their affair to continue? Have we not seen the last of you?
In my own personal opinion, I think Suzanne is someone who could come in and out of Don’s life. I think she “gets” him in a different way, and no matter where the storylines go she could always be someone he “runs into.”

But we can safely rule out “bunny-boiler,” yes?
I don’t know! [Laughs] I think it’s a possibility. But you just never know.

Were you intimidated going out for a show as acclaimed as ‘Mad Men’?
I respect Matt creatively, and I adore the casting director, Laura Schiff. She cast me in [the Lifetime series] ‘Angela’s Eyes.’ So yes, I was excited, and you want to do great work, but at the same time it just felt really right.

Ah yes, ‘Angela’s Eyes’ – the short-lived series about a human lie detector. Someone who can tell if you’re being dishonest just by looking you. Imagine!
Yeah! I know!

Well for what it’s worth, I think you have prettier eyes than Tim Roth.
Oh, I don’t know about that. Tim’s got those knowing eyes!

You’re guest-starring on the November 23 episode of ABC’s ‘Castle.’ How was it working with Nathan Fillion. The guy is a riot on Twitter.
Nathan is a huge fan of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and we spent the entire time we we working together going over ‘SNL’ skits and acting them out. He is so funny. What a great actor and a great guy!

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