Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – Who’s Last Hurrah(s), Rogue ‘Roos, and More

Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Vampire Diaries (The CW)

More comings and goings – some bouncier than others.

As Doctor Who prepares to get iced, Doctor Horrible is warming up his vocal chords.  Also, another monster waits in the wings of Mystic Falls – he’s fanged, but furthermore…..furry.  Meanwhile, that cryptic kangaroo continues to hop through a certain serialized drama – and he’s not hawking hair care products.

Also: Marsters makes an appearance, Smallville surges, and more.  Read on.

Unaware-Wolf To Mutilate Mystic Falls?

TV Guide is reporting that those Vampire Diaries might soon be devoting some page space to……lycans!  Verily, a werewolf is apparently poised to join the monster mash-up in Mystic Falls.  Even more intriguing, the character in question won’t even realize he’s a werewolf, at first.

Look out, Benicio del Toro – Jeremy/Matt/Tyler is about to give you a run for your money…..

‘Who’ Better To Defend You Than…..

David Tennant?  Yes, the good Doctor is crossing genres and will be taking a stab at a “comedic legal drama” here on Yankee turf for NBC, reports The Live Feed.  Tentatively titled, “Rex Is Not Your Lawyer,” the pilot hinges around a “top Chicago litigator who begins suffering panic attacks and takes up coaching clients to represent themselves in court.”

Huh.  You’d think after Daleks and Oods, the judge and jury scene would be a walk in the park.

Tennant’s Tear-Provoking Toodle-oo

Of course, we’ve yet to witness the spectacle of Tennant’s last few episodes/”specials” as Doctor Who, which shall be rolled out over the coming holiday season – the first of which, The Waters of Mars, will air on December 19th on BBC America.  IO9 delves into what the British press (who’ve already seen the eps) think of the final chapters.  Words like “powerful” and even “nihilism” get bandied about.  Even IO9’s story title braces us to “Expect Tears.”

Commenter Vulcan Has No Moon quite sensibly points out that, “Getting a new doctor is always a bit melancholy because the old one has to die first.”

True, true.  Even otherwise merry musical tales like Dr. Horrible allowed for a sad refrain to play following Penny’s death……

Dr. Horrible-er (Part Deux) Hovers In The Wings

IO9 reports here that the sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is indeed humming along nicely.  Joss has written a couple of songs and Nathan Fillion is on board, which seems a lot more tangible than the requisite “we’ll see” tune Whedon had been singing for so long.  The source story at MTV quotes Fillion as saying, “The media for the sequel has not yet been decided, but there is a title.”

Alas, Fillion wasn’t in enough of a sharing mood to spill the beans on what that title is.  Guesses?

FlashForward’s Mysterious Marsupial

Sci Fi Wire has rounded up an intriguing collection of theories as to what the rogue ‘roo is doing skipping through random episodes of FlashForward.  Some bloggers suggest it means that Australia is somehow to blame for the big blackout.  Others suspect wordplay – that the ‘down under’ being conjured by this symbol is not simply a ‘continent of southern latitude’ thing, but rather a ‘reeks of brimstone and sulfur’ thing.

Some theories are fun, some are far-fetched, but regardless: that’s a lot of pressure to place on one meager macropus, isn’t it?

Smallville’s Viewing Population On The Rise

The show that has proven to have amaaazing powers of cancellation deflection continues to flex its superhuman strength.  According to The Live Feed, Smallville has been quietly increasing its audience, with the most recent episode peaking to deliver a season high.  So much so, that another season might not be out of the question.

No, really.

Although many fans are voicing a desire that the show pick up, transfer to and rename itself ‘Metropolis’ – because, really……enough already.  After eight seasons, haven’t they been patient? Aren’t they entitled to cut to the full-fledged ‘Superman’ stuff by now?

Spike Surfaces In Caprica

Syfy offers up here the first glimpse of James Marsters in a clip of Caprica.

If they’re only going to offer up a solitary line of dialogue from this genre god, then “Someone’s dying today!” is a pretty good way to pique our penchant for more Marsters.

Because In Space, No One Can Hear Elmo Giggle (Ah, If Only….)

We also have Sci Fi Wire to thank for the 15 best sci fi themed Sesame Street episodes of all time.

And that’s that for this week.

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