Deep Soap: Days of Our Lives Fan Weekend Interviews Part 1

Casey Deidrick (NBC)

Casey Deidrick (NBC)

I spent two days in Salem and came back with an awesome Brady Pub apron. Friday, I visited the Days of Our Lives set. Real life couple Casey Deidrick (Chad) and Molly Burnett (Melanie) took a group of journalists on a tour of one of the soundstages. Highlights included seeing the Horton Christmas tree, the marvelously detailed DiMera mansion and the disappointingly dry Brady Pub. Several of the cast members also sat down for candid chats.

Casey Diedrick (Chad) Longs To Play With The Older Kids

Fun fact: used to be roommates with Vampire Diaries Steven R. McQueen

On why Chad rejected Nicole’s sexual advances: I think a lot of people would be like, “What is this kid doing?” He turned down a hot MILF. I think Chad is really sincere about getting custody of his daughter. He’s going to do whatever it takes. He’s not going to let some girl whose been lying to him this whole time get in his way. I’m not saying it’s the best idea or he was necessarily acting [his] age.

On Chad’s feelings for Mia: I think there’s always going to be that tension between each other, but despite the fact that she’s been lying to me continuously and I’m starting to feel bad, I’m still there. It’s a very hard situation. He’s a kid who doesn’t know what to do and he’s fighting all these feelings.

I enjoyed the scenes with Chad and EJ. You are the only actor on the show who is tall enough to look James Scott square in the eye. Who is taller? We’re pretty dead on. I might be a little taller, maybe by half an inch.

When is the truth about Sydney going to come out? It will happen very soon. Everything’s going to fall into place. Poor Chad. He’s been going through so much. There’[re] some good scenes.

On future love interests: There’s a new girl. Her name’s Gabby. But as far as dating, they’re keeping me in the baby storyline now. I would love to date someone on the show in the near future. I would definitely like to get into the older kids’ storyline with Melanie and Nathan and Stephanie, just because being 22 sometimes it’s tough to work with kids who are 15 and 16. I would love some scenes with my [real life] girlfriend Melanie.

Eric Martstolf (Brady) Thinks DOOL Is A Super Soap Now

On why Brady is willing to be Nicole’s lap dog, including agreeing to pretend he was using drugs again: I did have trouble with it as an actor, portraying this ability of Brady’s to just see past all of these manipulations. But you have to remember that when you’re in such an intimate place with someone you get a little easygoing with the things you are willing to do for people. Adrianna and Brady in future episodes actually have a conversation where she tells Brady, “I think you’re addicted to Nicole.” Addicts have that personality. When he came back to Salem guns blazing it was all about Nicole. I don’t think anybody saw that happening given all the history he had with Chloe. When I accepted the job I thought Nadia and I would be spending a lot of time together. We had one scene in the coffeehouse: “You forgive me?” “I forgive you.” “Okay. Bye Bye. I think I’ll hang with your best friend and get involved in your baby stuff.”

On working with Lindsay Hartley again: It’s falling off a bike and getting back up and starting to ride again. She’s terrific. She loves this character and this job. When she was on Passions she was open to anything. Now she’s an undercover narcotics officer walking around with her badge and her gun. Ethan would never have touched cocaine. All of a sudden Brady Black, he’s got the propensity to get back on drugs. Even though the faces are very similar the dynamics are different. The story has much more weight to it. We laugh about [Passions] all the time, especially scenes where Galen and myself and Lindsay are all the same scene. We’re waiting for Tabitha. It’s just a completely different show. I loved Passions for what it was but Days has much more story and depth. The characters are much more developed.

On working on NBC’s only soap: Guiding Light was canceled this year. That was a giant wake up call for the whole genre. If I was a producer I probably would have done the exact same thing. Passions had close to 1.5 million people watching every episode. If we could have brought some of those fans over to Days of Our Lives and keep the show on the air, I don’t know why anybody would vote against that. It’s a super soap now. We’ve combined forces for the common good. We had a lot of talent on Passions that in my opinion was untapped because the story was so ludicrous it was hard to see how good these people were.

On his role in the baby switch denouement: I have scenes I’m taping with Nicole. I go to visit her. What I can tell you is that Brady’s desire to help Nicole out has not subsided. I was glad that he said, “No I will not run away with you.” I’m glad he at least put the brakes on there.

On what he’s like to see happen to Brady: I would like to see him reevaluate the Chloe situation. I would be a little skeptical as to what he and Nicole would be like together because of her habits. I don’t know how long she’d be able to stay on the straight and narrow.

Wally Kurth (Justin) Is Back Where He Belongs

On returning after nearly two decades: It’s so much fun. I truly, truly love it. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I was a little scared. I didn’t know if I would be depressed because I would feel like, “Well, here I am where I started instead of going forward.” But now that I’ve been around for 20 years I feel like this is the medium [where] I belong. This is what I do. This is more of an actor’s medium than just about anything on television. You get three pages to do your stuff and you better not screw up because the cameras are rolling and you get one take. That’s like theater. I love working with John Aniston again and Peter and Christian.The fact that they’re still around, I feel like I haven’t left. It’s been nice to have family. I had a six week guarantee and I’m still here six months later. On General Hospital there wasn’t really that much family anymore.

On his unseen children: I have four sons but none of them are on camera.

On Adrienne: That’s the first question everybody asks. I don’t want to say anything about the writers. I’d love to see her of course because I love the writing on the show so much. I’m sure they have their reasons why they don’t have the room to bring her back right now but it would certainly be nice to get divorced with her on camera.

On Hope: [She’s] a damsel in distress. Obviously her marriage is in trouble, but she’s in trouble. Justin has done a really good job of trying to stay neutral, but speaking up when [he] feels it’s necessary. The writers have done a fantastic job in telling that story of Hope and Bo having these problems with the kidnapping.They’re giving both characters the integrity they need to stand up for themselves. There’s got to be a viable reason to break up that couple and I think they’ve done a pretty good job of letting that happen. Divorces or separations don’t happen immediately. It’s the building of it. There’s the last straw. There’s a scene that comes up where [Justin] does have to admit certain feelings for [Hope.]

On what else has been keeping him busy: I’m doing a series on the cartoon network. It’s a new show called Generator Rex. It premieres next year. I play Agent 6, the sixth deadliest man. I’m a military guy, very stoic. I use my macho heroic voice. One morning I taped here, ran over to the Cartoon Network, then came back here. Sometimes they’ll go, “Wally, more stoic. You’re a military guy. No emotion. “ I say, “You have to understand. I just came from the soap. There’s lots of emotion.”

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