Surgery for Booted ‘Dancing’ Star

Kathy Ireland and Tony Dovolani (ABC)

Kathy Ireland and Tony Dovolani (ABC)

Here’s a new one for ya: A ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant has refrained from exploiting themselves and manipulating the audience for votes. How refreshing.

Season 9 contestant Kathy Ireland has been silently suffering from a knee injury sustained during her brief ballroom blitz, and she only recently revealed it’s serious enough to require surgery.

“…the truth is, after my little spin on DWTS I’m going to have knee surgery,” Ireland revealed via Twitter.

Why didn’t she mention that she was performing the entire time with a leg that was “twisted, torn, [and] needing surgical repair”?

“Did not want people to know during voting process because sympathy votes and drama are not my thing,” says Ireland in another Tweet. “Have not told many in my family. You heard it here 1st.”

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Ireland, who’s now an entrepreneur and a Sunday school teacher, admitted she was “way out of her comfort zone” on the show and joked about her skills when I spoke with her about her ‘Dancing’ experience.

“I was never that super,” laughs the former supermodel, “and there are all these great athletes on the show. I was on the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’…but I didn’t have a sport.”

“I’m adventurous and clumsy–it’s not a great combo,” Ireland told me.

Paired this season with dance pro Tony Dovolani, Ireland was eliminated third. She and Tony will hit the dance floor once more for the ‘DWTS’ season finale on Nov. 24th, after which she plans to have her surgery.

Ireland previously injured her leg in September just before the season premiere, when she required stitches in her leg after a wipeout while surfing with her kids.

Good thing Kathy’s married to a surgeon.

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