Ted Allen Provides Perfect Pairings For Thanksgiving

Ted Allen (Food Network)

Ted Allen (Food Network)

“Growing up in my family, my mother made delicious food,” recalls Ted Allen, host of The Food Network’s ‘Chopped‘ and ‘Food Detectives.’ “For me the most important thing on the table is the stuffing. We always had that cranberry sauce in a can. I always enjoyed opening the can in one end and then flipping it over, putting a hole in the other end and then letting it sort of plop out on to the dish.”

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Ted was kind enough to also provide a crash course in Thanksgiving complimentary drinks for wine snobs, novices, and teetotalers. What goes best with a turkey? You might be surprised in what you find out.

Ted Allen’s Wine and Drink Guide

For The Boozers

Pinot Noir: “It’s very difficult to have one wine go with everything. If you take a step back and remember turkey is a game bird. So it’s not necessarily a mandatory white wine bird. I really like turkey with Pinot Noir, which of course is a light red.”

California Chardonnay: “What I usually suggest is that you have a wide variety of wine available. A lot of people are going to go for a  just because that’s what they think they have to do. California Chardonnay makes more sense at Thanksgiving than it does at a lot other meals because you have a lot of rich and buttery food. There’s one brand I particularly like and it’s the Robert Mondavi Primary Selection brand. It’s made in more of a French style than a California style so it’s less overwhelming.”

Variety Combo: “What I usually recommend is, get a Pinot Noir on the table, some kind of elegant Chardonnay. Then maybe some wine from Alsace like an Alsatian Pinot Gris, which is a white wine that has a little bit of sweetness but not a lot. It really goes beautifully with turkey. Some people like to drink a big red like a Zinfandel. I think the answer is variety.”

For The Non-Boozers

Tea: “You have to provide something for people who sadly, don’t want to drink. In which case — you know my folks being from the south — it’s usually iced tea. If you want to be a little more creative, something like an Earl Grey makes a wonderful iced tea.”

Best of Both Worlds

Spiked Tea: “If you’re a real boozer, add a little Bourbon to the tea!”

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