The Ultra-Green Lifestyle Of Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr. (Getty Images)

Ed Begley Jr. (Getty Images)

As impact-makers in Hollywood go, Ed Begley Jr. ranks way down there.

And that’s just the way he likes it.

Indeed, environmental footprint-wise, they don’t step any lighter than Begley, who is in the midst of shooting season three of his Planet Green nonfiction series, ‘Living with Ed (Wednesday at 9 PM ET),’ which profiles the ultra-green lifestyle of the actor and his wife, Rachelle.

Fancast recently caught up with the busy actor, who also plays dubiously successful marriage counselor Dr. Walter Krandall on CBS comedy ‘Gary Unmarried’ recently, as he was in the middle of installing a greywater filtration system at his Santa Monica, Calif. home.

“It’s a recycled residential water system,” he explains. “It’s based on greywater. We’re not talking about sewage – that’s black water – but water from the laundry, the shower, the bathroom sink. You start with a 600-micron filter that takes out all the lint and the soap and the hair, then it goes through a 200-micron filter, then activated charcoal. And then UV light kills all the bacteria. By the time it goes into the tank, you can’t drink it, but you can use it for every other purpose imaginable. I even put it on my food crops.”

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With the environmentally impactful Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays just around the corner, we asked him for some tips on how we can all clean up our own acts.

Here are five things Begley suggests you start doing this holiday season:

— Replace every conventional light bulb in your house or apartment with an energy-efficient LED bulb. “That includes your Christmas lights,” Begley notes. “They’re definitely cost-effective and use a whole lot less power.”

— Weather-strip your doors and windows. “You can go to Home Depot and get this done in less than a day,” Begley says. “You’ll start saving money on your first energy billing cycle.”

— Get yourself an energy-saving digital thermostat. “And don’t forget to program it,” Begley says. “Set it to your home habits, so it knows when you wake up and when you sleep. And don’t waste money heating your home when you’re not there.”

— Keep the car in the garage, especially for short trips for whip cream and eggnog. “Ride a bike when weather and fitness permit,” Begley explains. “Or use public transportation.”

— Stay grounded. “I think we fly too much,” Begley states. “There are a lot of emissions that go along with flying at 31,000 feet. I know I fly too much. I just recently drove up to Portland, Oregon and back in a hybrid car. That’s the way to do it.”

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