The Big Tease: Scoop on ‘NCIS,’ ‘Grey’s,’ ‘CSI: NY’ and More!

Curious about what’s coming up on your favorite show? Got burning questions about TV in general? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the address to use/abuse. Here now the scoop!

Any ‘NCIS’ tidbits you could share would be awesome! – Rebecca
I trust that you typically sit down when you watch ‘NCIS,’ because this week’s episode is going to blindside you with tragedy. The set-up: An assassin played by Kelly Hu on ‘NCIS: LA’ earlier this season resurfaces in Washington, D.C., placing Director Vance’s family – and others – in danger. Former ‘Women’s Murder Club’ member Paula Newsome, who plays Vance’s wife Jackie, told me, “There’s a lot on the line and a lot of people land in harm’s way, and somebody goes down.” Newsome says the “shocking” death will be “really hard” on the NCIS team “because they’re a very tight-knit group.” Commence fretting!

Do you have any scoop on what’s next for ‘CSI: NY’s’ Danny and Lindsay? – Sara
I cannot believe that it took a whole six weeks into my new gig for the first Danny-Lindsay question to hit my mailbox! And your reward, Sara, is good news. (I think.) Executive producer Peter Lenkov wants you to know that outside of “Danny’s near/possible injury relapse and keeping that a secret, I think it’s smooth sailing for the happy couple.” All together now: Aww!

Is Izzie pregnant on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?! The new promo sure makes it look that way. – Sofie
It will be interesting to see who Meredith is directing her “You’re pregnant?” at. If Izzie, the timing could be fortuitous for the put-upon Dr. Stevens. As series creator Shonda Rhimes told me, “Izzie has had everything taken from her – she’s had cancer, she’s lost a friend [George], and she had what she saw as a betrayal of a relationship [with Alex] when she got fired – so she’s sort of standing on this very delicate place where she feels like she has nothing. She’s searching for some reason to hang on.” Motherhood could be a very good reason, but I’m just spitballing here.

I am psyched that we now have a Season 2 premiere date (December 8th) for ABC’s ‘Better Off Ted.’ Give me something to look forward to. – Eddie
Just how chilly is Portia de Rossi’s Veronica? Why, she makes a visiting fraulein look downright cuddly. Stefanie von Pfetten (aka ‘Battlestar Galactica’s’ Captain Marcia “Showboat” Case) will guest star as a German executive who is anxious to bed Ted, even though Veridian Dynamics’ high-tech solution to their language barrier finds them making pillow talk in quite possibly the least sexy voices possible.

When is ‘Glee’s’ Finn going to learn that Puck is the father of Quinn’s baby? – Ellen
Finn comes close to gleaning the truth this week, when Puck questions his BFF’s ability to provide as a papa and the fists begin flying, so I imagine it’s just a matter of time. And when that babydaddy bombshell is exposed? “It’s going to hit the fan,” promises Mark Salling. “But Puck really screwed Finn over, so he kind of deserves what he’s got coming to him.”

Nice interview with ‘Smallville’s’ Justin Hartley! But man, no Chlollie? I was hoping for that. – LJ
To be fair, Justin didn’t completely rule out an Ollie-Chloe romance; he simply said nothing was on the books yet. In full, he told me he finds it “much more interesting for Oliver to have a relationship with a female that’s platonic; that doesn’t happen to him. Or, I’d like to see him stumble on [new romance] and not know how to handle that.” As for what if anything the writers decide to do with “Chlollie,” he said, “It will be good. I have total faith in them.”

The ‘Smallville’ executive producers have confirmed that Martian Manhunter (Phil Morris) is returning this season. When, and for how many episodes? – Graham
Those who are J’onzzing for the big guy’s return will want to make extra sure that they catch the Justice Society-centric two-parter airing in January. Martian Manhunter will play a role in “Society,” but really make his presence known in the “Legend” half.

Is ‘One Tree Hill’ planning anything special for its 150th episode? – Shailee
‘OTH’ will hit that milestone with this season’s 20th episode, but as of yet there are no specific celebration plans in place. So make your suggestions now! If you recall, ‘Tree Hill’ turned 100 with a Season 5 cliffhanger that featured Lucas and Lindsey’s non-wedding and nanny Carrie’s kidnapping of wee Jamie. How does one top that?

Connie Britton and Aimee Teegarden were seen filming ‘Friday Night Lights’ in Boston this past weekend. Any idea why? – Kim
Ah yes, Connie mentioned something about a location shoot during our Season 3 preview Q&A. “Julie is looking for colleges this year,” she said, “so we’re about to shoot an episode in Boston, where we do a college tour.” Poor Syracuse University never gets any love.

How about some ‘The Mentalist’ scoop for us Jisbon fans? Also, I heard Episode 9 is going to be huge. – Clarisse
Those hoping for a Jane-Lisbon hookup will have to be patient, because for the time being the hit drama’s only romantic entanglement involves Rigsby and Van Pelt and their struggle to keep their relationship a secret from the rest of the team. And yes, Episode 9 is not to be missed, but no one’s talking about why. Instead, I am simply hearing that it will change things for the CBI team forever. [Cue thunderclap.]

Got anything on my favorite sitcom, ‘The Big Bang Theory’? – Cass
About midway through the season, Raj will find himself working with a new wingman, and it’s a surprisingly significant upgrade from Wolowitz. The lucky fella’s name rhymes with Beldon.

‘Eastwick’ continues to be campy and ridiculous, Paul Gross continues to feast on the scenery, and the three women continue to be adorable. Can you dig out a psychic vision for me and tell me if (when) it’s going to be cancelled? – Kimberley
No psychic powers needed here: ABC is not granting the freshman series a full-season pick-up, so ‘Eastwick’ will not-so-magically disappear after its 13th episode airs. This being the modern, Internetty age, there is both a Twitter campaign and an online petition going around to keep the witches brewing.

I’m excited about Heather Locklear joining the new ‘Melrose Place,’ but do you know who she’ll be interacting with besides (duh) Ella? – Laurie
With Locklear’s arrival now just a week away, I can reveal that Amanda is going to be in hot pursuit of… ex-lover Michael’s son David. But no, not necessarily to bed him. “She wants something that Sydney had in her possession when she died,” Shaun Sipos shares. And amazingly, David’s no pushover for Ms. Woodward’s considerable charms. Says Sipos: “I’m like, ‘Listen lady, I have no idea who you are but you’re rubbing me the wrong way.'” Yeah, that can’t end well.

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