More Shows In Danger Of Getting Axed

You let out a collective groan when ‘Eastwick’ kicked the bucket this week (so did I!) – and now your other favorite shows might be in danger too.

Shows like ‘Three Rivers’ and ‘Hank’ are “on the bubble,” meaning their low ratings have put them in danger for getting canned. We will know their fate before the year is done.

‘Rivers’ stars Alex O’Loughlin, who was on the receiving end of another season of bad news on the cult favorite ‘Moonlight,’ a CBS series that was canceled – even with its huge fan following.

But all is not lost.

“On balance, at least at this point, most shows have been moderately successful,” said media analyst Bill Carroll to NY Daily News. “Every year you’re going to have one or two that come on and the audience rejects. But right now, most shows have been getting decent sampling.”

In addition to ‘Eastwick,’ ‘Trauma’ and ‘The Beautiful Life’ also did not survive the year, but many others like ‘The Cleveland Show,’ ‘Vampire Diaries,’ and ‘The Modern Family’ have been picked up for more episodes.

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