Opening Wide: 2012, Pirate Radio

Two big time movies are opening wide today, and you get to decide which part of your brain to nourish with your choice between them. Do you go for the visceral, eye-popping, rubbernecking thrills involved in watching the end of the world in 2012, or should you treat yourself to some raucous British comedy about the revolutionary spirit of rock and roll in Pirate Radio? To help you decide, take a closer look at both films below.

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Roland Emmerich is back once more with another epic spectacle of cataclysmic destruction, this time depicting a massive environmental shift that destroys civilization as we know it. John Cusack and Amanda Peet head a family trying to escape their fate, while Chiwetel Ejiofor and Oliver Platt are officials trying to save as many people as they can from the disaster that crazy conspiracy theorist Woody Harrelson saw coming.

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Pirate Radio
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Love Actually director Richard Curtis is back with a comedy about 1960s Britain and how rock rebels dealt with the BBC’s denial of airtime to the musical revolution. Bill Nighy and his crew of pothead DJs (including American profanity enthusiast calling himself The Count [Philip Seymour Hoffman]) set up a pirate radio operation on a boat out of the government’s jurisdiction, much to the chagrin of conservative government official Dormandy (Kenneth Branagh). The film’s title has been Americanized for some reason from the British title The Boat That Rocked.

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