Between The Tweets: No Love For Jones, Cory Monteith Pics, & More

Cory Monteith and Rick Mercer

Cory Monteith and Rick Mercer

Welcome to the very first Between the Tweets –  bringing you what’s happening in the world of TV from a Twitter perspective.

What had people tweeting up a storm over the weekend?

The AMC miniseries ‘The Prisoner‘ made its debut last night. Based on a British series from the late 60s starring Patrick McGoohan about a secret agent that is abducted and brought to an elaborate prison known as The Village, this reboot stars Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen. On Twitter, there were mixed reactions, from comparisons to the original, and comments that it was too much like hit series Lost. Some fans think McGoohan is irreplaceable. @Snufkin tweeted “New version of The Prisoner may have Gandalf & Jesus, but it just ain’t the same without Patrick McGoohan.” @UncommonGuy shared “The Prisoner remake is trying too hard to be an ‘experience’ rather than a show. Frenetic but directionless.” Numerous tweets complained that the that it was a snore and a pale imitation of the cult favorite, but some were impressed. @eyuzwa remarked “Prisoner episode 1 – ‘the arrival’ was amazing. The entire team looked like they ‘got’ the original BBC series.” The Prisoner continues this evening with two more episodes.

Mad Men’s‘ January Jones made her stiff and awkward ‘SNL‘ debut over the weekend to appalling reviews, and it’s still a hot topic on Twitter. Her comedy skills were non-existent, she seemed to struggle with cues, and by the end of the show, many were questioning her acting talent in general. @ameacham tweeted, “There are those who insist January Jones showcases awful acting on Mad Men. After last night’s SNL, I might be joining their side.” ESPN’s Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33) may have summed it up best: “Worst SNL ever this past Saturday? January Jones couldnt get a line out w/o stumbling over it. Whole thing wasn’t funny.” In the sea of negativity, I did notice one positive review from @insidethetube: “I enjoyed January Jones on ‘SNL.’ Wasn’t expecting crazy funny skits, but she held her own.”

Watch one of Jones’ SNL skits below:

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Family Guy‘ and ‘The Cleveland Show‘ both made the Top 10 Trending Topics as they do every Sunday night, but as usual, no one tweeting really had anything to say about either other than the fact they were watching it.

The red carpet was ablaze Saturday night when ‘Glee‘ star Cory Monteith (@frankenteen) returned to his hometown of Calgary to be a presenter at the 24th Annual Gemini Awards, the Canadian equivalent of The Emmys. In one of his live tweets from the show, he was very excited to share a pic of him and Canadian TV personality Rick Mercer (@rickmercer):

Who To Follow Today: Twitter newcomer Olivia Wilde (@oliviawilde), better known as Thirteen on ‘House.’  Looks like she’s let loose her funny side based on her first few tweets. My fave so far? “Tweeting heals. I’ve almost forgotten that at 5am this morning I stepped out of bed and directly into an a$$-splosion courtesy of my bulldog.”

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